Beast Of The East Amateur Championships

United Skateboard Association’s Beast of the East Amateur Championship contest rocked Knoxville, Tennessee’s Axis Skate Park the weekend of December 1–3, 2000. The championship was the final contest in this year’s Beast of The East Tour, a six-month contest series and event tour for amateur skateboarders around the country.

The contest featured over 75 qualified contestants, with the top fifteen Sponsored and Advanced taking home the top prizes. Jason Schmale of Austin, Texas won the Beast of The East Sponsored Division, while Kris Murphy of West Palm Beach, Florida won the Advanced Division.

Other Sponsored Division notables included sixteen-year-old Willy Akers (secondplace), Joel Mealing (sixth place), and eight-year-old prodigy Evan Mirschel (twelfth place).

Along with the various promotional materials being given away throughout the weekend, skaters and spectators were able to try out the new Sony Playstation 2 at the 60-foot Sony Playstation interactive truck. It featured new games including Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

The USA series was made possibel through the help of Ecko Unlimited, Activision, Island Records, TransWorld SKATEboarding, Birdhouse, ZooYork, Foundation, Zero, Toy Machine, Flip, Hook Ups, Powell, Alien Workshop, Heetrz, and the Skate Park Association of the U.S.A. (

The USA 2001 series promises to be bigger and to have events in more states. For more information on The United Skateboard Association and the Beast of The East Amateur Championship, check out Or call USA at: (732) 432-5400 ext. 2168 or 2169.

December 1-3, 2000, Axis Skate Park, Knoxville, Tennessee

1) Jason Schmale, Austin, TX (Lilelephant, Scapegoat Skateboards, Puma Shoes)
2) Willy Akers, Wilmington, DE (Scum Skateboards, Converse, Switch Skateshop)
3) Cody Eurich, West Palm, FL (MR Skate Shop, Nine Miles, Flow Skatepark)
4) Mike Flint, Melbourne, FL (The Skateboard Shop, Wounded Knee)
5) Philip Kent, Atlanta, GA (War Effort, Venture Trucks)
6) Joel Mealing, South Carolina
7) Mark Del Negro, Wilmington, DE (16, Spitfire, Volcom, Etnies, Fairmans Skate Shop)
8) Charles Pullum, Knoxville, TN (Arcade, Axis Skate Park)
9) Chris Head, Atlanta, GA (DVS, NC Clothing, Trust, Halos,Tracker, Ruin Shop)
10) Chris Scoggins, Chattanooga, TN
11) Stormy Pruett, Atlanta, GA
12) Evan Mirschel, Jacksonville, FL (Kona Skate Park)
13) James Atkin, Utah (Eternal, Emerica, Liptrick Skate Shop)
14) Tim Johnson, Jax, FL Kona (KBC, 187 Pads, Satilla Board Sports)
15) Graham Bickerstaff, Atlanta, GA (DLX, Spitfire, Thunder, Oakley, éS)

ADVANCED FINALIST (skate shop/skate park sponsored)
1) Kris Murphy, West Palm, FL (MR.’s Skate Shop)
2) John Kroesser, Philly, PA (Smokin Coles Skate Shop)
3) Andrew Cannon, Glen Mills, PA (Board Stiff Skate Shop)
4) Matt Molton, Galion, OH
5) AJ Kohn, Nazareth, PA (West End Skate Park)
6) Eric Fletcher, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
7) Adam Taylor, Cocoa Beach, FL (Quiet Flight Surf Shop)
8) Mike Wittman, Cocoa Beach, FL (Groove Tube)
9) Bradley Akers, Wilmington, DE (Switch Skate Shop)
10) Philip Balch, Chattanooga, TN
11) Dustin Sheehy, Knoxville, TN (Axis Skate Park)
12) Chris Mignogna, Hatfield, PA (Cheapskates)
13) Matt Robinson, Macon, GA (Sanctuary Skate Park)
14) Jeremy Gaydos, Chalfont, PA (Smoking Coles)
15) Cley Reynolds, Nashville, TN