Becker Surf and Sport Goes Commercial

Last November, Becker Surf and Sport started airing commercials on cable TV stations that reached areas far beyond its four Southern California stores.

Even though production and airing costs came in at around 150,000 dollars, Co-owner and President Dave Hollander says business has definitely increased as a result.

The commercials were made to combat an influx of small neighborhood shops in the suburban L.A. and Orange County areas. According to Hollander, “We’re not a big in-your-face company.” So the aim of the commercials were to build confidence in the potential customers living 30 minutes or more away. According to Hollander, the shop hoped to create enough curiousity in these customers to get them to drive to the stores.

He says it usually takes three months for commercials to really make an impact. The commercials began airing in November and since January business had gone up another 23 percent on top of a monster year last year.

The commercials ran on popular cable stations such as Discovery, Fox, and ESPN. The Comedy Network couldn’t fill the slots for a South Park marathon so they ran the commercials for free because they liked them so much.

While TV air time is not always free, it can be really cheap–as low as an average of twelve dollars per run. “It’s amazing how inexpensive it is at very good time slots,” says Hollander.

Produced by Jefferson Acker, an advertising agency based in Manhattan Beach, California, the commercials were made in two days in Newport Beach. The titles include Change Is Good, Water On The Brain, and Surfers Do It Before Dawn.

As a result of their work, Jefferson/Acker was given an AEGIS award for the campaign. The award gives companies and individuals recognition for their creativeness and is judged by industry professionals and previous winners.