BEHIND THE LINES: Sessions Outerwear

Since Joel Gomez founded the brand in 1983, Sessions has mixed technical function with progressive art and music themes that speak to the brands roots as a music label. We caught up with Marketing Manager Danielle Glagola to see where the brand is heading for next season and where it’s getting its inspiration.

What are the biggest trends/factors shaping your lines?

Sessions expanded the norm to bring a fresh perspective to Snow 2010 creative, which lead to a world wide effort of research to the men's and girl's lines including great trims, rich color, and shades of earth tones.

Returning are loads of technical innovations, Gore, Recco, d3o, Skullcandy, Bi-Axile Hood, Cuff Lifter, Warmth Rating, Hybryd Materials, ThermaGrid, and Seams to Grow located through 3 categories: Shell, Insulated, and Component.

Bracing these categories are 3 tiered feature packages: Deluxe, Supreme, and Premium.

Sessions gives back to the Community with partnerships with B4BC, SOS, as well as Sessions Going Green Program E.F.F.O.R.T.

What opportunities do you see in softgoods currently?


What's your outlook for next season?
Heaps of snow Worldwide and for Joel Gomez to take me on a heli trip to Interior BC.

Men's Achilles Pant in Red Alert $159.95
Men's Ignition Jacket in Black Magic $229.99

Women's Sonic Pant in Vivid Blue $179.95
Women's Dynamite Jacket in Silver $159.95