One of the small joys of a day snowboarding is chuckling at skiers waddling up and down the stairs in the lodge. Our footwear is infinitely superior to strapping your feet in plastic coffins, and each year the good folks at ThirtyTwo come up with designs that help keep the laughs coming as boots get lighter, faster, and more comfortable. We caught up with Sales and Design Manager Brad Alband to dive into the tech as his team pushes the envelope.

What are you guys bringing to the table for next year?
The Fast Track system is completely new for ThirtyTwo and it is one of our answers to riders' demand for quick lacing systems.  The Fast Track lacing system is the fastest way to get in and out of your boot.  We designed it for snowboarders that want performance and unparalleled comfort, the Fast Track gets you in and out of your boots in mere seconds.

ThirtyTwo Boots have always been skate inspired, and the 09/10 boot line contains the solid pop colors that are trending in the skate market like yellows, purples and greens.  ThirtyTwo is continuing to offer 100% synthetic uppers and we are offering boots with a synthetic patent leather (faux) upper this year – the Super Exclusive Men's Lashed and the Women's Prospect.  We even used bright colors for speckled print and fades in the STI Evolution FoamTM one-piece midsole/outsoles of some models this year.

ThirtyTwo improved the out-of-box fit of its entry level boots for the 09/10 season, and for the first time we are offering a new furry liner.  Marie France-Roy was in the ThirtyTwo office checking out the new line a few weeks ago and when she tried on the new furry ThirtyTwo Level F Liners she said it was the best liner she has ever felt.

ThirtyTwo Sonic Fast Track
Featured colorway: Bone
MSRP: $279.99
Description: Exclusive and new this year with our faster than ever Fast Track lacing system the Sonic comes in with durability and style for days. Built for the snowboarder that wants everything, style, comfort and performance.

What overall trends are you seeing in the boot market?
One of the things I'm seeing is that people still want to make a fashion statement with their boots.  Similar to the footwear market there is a desire to be different, and key details make all of the difference.
As an overall package we see ThirtyTwo softgoods offering solid colors, with the boots accenting the outfit by being the pop colors that match well with it.

Are price points trending up or down for you?
The recent rise in transportation and material costs have led to price points trending up for the industry, and we are really proud to be able to lower the price points for our high-end boots.

Any new pro models?
Did you hear about the ThirtyTwo StepChild Team video that's coming out in fall 2009?  With JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Stian Solberg, Markku Koski and Joe Sexton all riding for both ThirtyTwo and StepChild it made sense to collaborate on more than the video. We are also collaborating on a boot to create the ThirtyTwo StepChild Lashed boot for Fall 09!

ThirtyTwo has had a great response on team rider colorways and for next winter we will be releasing a JP Walker Prospect colorway, and a Wille TM-Two colorway.

What are you most stoked on in your '09/'10 boot offerings?
I am really stoked on the way ThirtyTwo's boot and outerwear collection comes together as a package.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Fast Track
Featured colorway: Mint
MSRP: $214.99
Description: It's no wonder the men's and women's Lashed is consistently ThirtyTwo's best-selling boot, it dominates the park, pipe and back country.  This skate-styled boot that is both quick and easy to get into is now available in Fast Track!