Billabong Pro Trestles 2000 – Day Three

Day four of the Billabong Pro at Trestles proved to be very good for the underdogs and the man in charge-Sunny Garcia.Starting off the day with a bang, Pat O’Connell took out Rob Machado thanks to a crucial fall by Rob in the beginning. Thensoon after, South African Paul Canning knocked off C.J. Hobgood. Both those heats and a loss by Luke Egan set the tone for allthe upsets and laid the way for Sunny to pretty much take the title (unless Jake Paterson, Shane Dorian, or Luke Egan winsevery contest for the rest of the season).

[IMAGE 1] Inconsistent and chest- to head-high at times, the surf again made strategy a number one priority. Shane Beschen waitedsixteen minutes before catching a wave while Jake Paterson took the smaller ones and built a 9.26 lead. Beschen couldn’t catchup-he had two four’s and a .65. going into his last wave.

TransWorld International correspondent Todd Prestage continued his roll by beating Flavio Padaratz. With just threewaves in 25 minutes, his last wave became the deal sealer, “It’s tough, you have to do mistake-free surfing out there,” saidPresso. “There’s no room for error.”

“There’s not that many waves. If you take a heaper, you can ride a piece of shit wave all the way through here and thepaddle out is a nightmare,” Presso continued. “Towards the end there, I got that little left. I knew that I only had to better a four and the leftpaddle out is so quick, I figured I would just get a quick left and I could be back out with four or five minutes to go. If aset would come through, then maybe two sets would come through, and I’d have a chance to better the score that I justbettered.”

Mick Lowe went through the same thing. Being picky for waves was a gamble, however he did have Armando Daltro againstthe wall until Daltro’s last wave which wasn’t good enough, “Look at these nails,” said Lowe. “They’re not too long. Especiallywhen a guy like Armando can get scores on two foot waves. It’s pretty hard seeing him hit the lip on waves where you think youshould have went. In retrospect, I knew that I had a 6.5, and he didn’t have that wave. I just needed to wait for a 6 orsomething higher than that, then he would need a big score…which he didn’t get. It’s almost impossible to get a big score ona one footer.”[IMAGE 3]

Another victim to the waves was Luke Egan-currently second to Sunny in the ratings. Capitalizing on Luke’s wavejudgement, Conan Hayes beat him on shear timing. After gaining priority, Luke would take off on a shitty wave while Conan’sleftovers would be the better of the two. Luke had a chance to come back on his last wave, but his 5.8 came up short for the6.4 needed. “It was pretty inconsistent,” said Hayes after the heat. “We both had a few good scores, so it was going to comedown to the end. Two times in particular, he had priority and went on the first one. Then I got a better one behind it. I feltalright. I was just kind of screwing around. I wanted to stay loose, that’s why I took a couple of inside waves when he hadpriority. I knew they weren’t going to amount to much, but it was so inconsistent, I didn’t want to freeze up and get cold. Ijust stayed moving.”

In the most anticipated rematch of the day, the Andy Irons-Mick Campbell debacle in France (just a little fight after aheat) didn’t rear its head today as the two dueled in another lackluster wave heat. Starting slow, Andy watched as Mick got a5.5 and followed with an eight. Andy came back strong as Mick, needing only a three, choked on three straight waves right intothe countdown. “The cards fell in my favor,” said Irons. I won that round, let’s see what happens for the tiebreaker.”[IMAGE 2]

Until tomorra.-AC

Heat 1: G Herdy (Brz) 20.70 def. R Rocha (Brz) 20.00
Heat 2: P O’Connell (USA) 19.40 def. R Machado (USA) 18.25
Heat 3: S Powell (Aus) 19.40 def. L Hitchings (Aus) 16.50
Heat 4: P Canning (SAfr) 15.75 def. CJ Hobgood (USA) 15.00
Heat 5: J Paterson (Aus) 17.755 def. S Beschen (USA) 15.75
Heat 6: T Prestage (Aus) 19.85 def. F Padaratz (Brz) 16.25
Heat 7: M Lowe (Aus) 16.95 def. A Daltro (Brz) 16.50
Heat 8: S Garcia (Haw) def. J Parkinson (Aus) due to withdrawal
Heat 9: C Hayes (Haw) 20.45 def. L Egan (Aus) 18.55
Heat 10: F Gouveia (Brz) 24.85 def. R Lovett (Aus) 20.45
Heat 11: S Dorian (Haw) 18.75 def. B Bourgeois (USA) 13.65
Heat 12: S Lopez (USA) 21.55 def. D Hobgood (USA) 20.75
Heat 13: A Irons (Haw) 16.50 def. M Campbell (Aus) 15.65
Heat 14: T Curran (USA) 23.75 def. K Robb (Haw) 17.40
Heat 15: T Burrow (Aus) 23.90 def. S Sutton (Haw) 18.50
Heat 16: T Knox (USA) 20.90 def. C Lopez (USA) 18.50