Biz Buzz, Shoe Box, and Roster Hops June 2002 (13#6)

Supernaut Skateboards is working on its second full-length video, entitled State Of Grace, to bereleased early this summer. The video will feature pros MattPailes, Aaron Vandenbulke, Matt Rodriquez, PaulSharpe, and Tony Cox, and ams Nick Matlin,Will Harmon, Carlos Young, Adam Tobler, Chris Head,and Trevor Prescott.

Toy Machine is busy working on its massivesummer tour across North America, anticipated to begin aroundJune, and including the canceled demos from last year’s tour.There’s also talk about a mini European tour. If you’re interested ina demo and have a good park, e-mail Mike Page Or call: 1-800-TUM-YETO, ext. 123.

Also, look for Toy Machine’s three-set DVD, featuringLive and Heavy Metal togetheron one disc, in addition to Welcome To Hell andJump Off A Building. Toy Machine amsAustin Stephens and Caswell Berry are turningpro in June.

Look for some footage of the Deathbox ExpressionSession in the new upcoming pool-riding documentaryCHLORINE, by English filmmakers Julie Angeland Milan Spasik.

Doug “Pineapple” Saladino, Dave Hackett, andother hardcore Tum Yeto pool rippers have been seenhopping fences, barging backyards, and infiltrating pools from SanDiego to Salba land?compiling footage for their first video,Tales From The Deathbox, to be releasedsometime next year.

The new line of Deathbox Pro decks were releasedin time for the release of the Dogtown And Z Boysfilm in May. Look for some very different shapes, sizes,concaves, graphics, and just about everything you’ve never seen.Deathbox has signed mini ripper eight-year-old NathanGroff to its competition and flow team. The company is on aworldwide search for well-rounded hardcore skateboarders torepresent the company. If you think you’ve got what it takes to”Ride The Box” send in your photos, videos, and e-mails

After months of tinkering, adjusting, and readjusting, thenew Zero Web site is finished. Check

Zero, like every other company, is working hard on theirvideo, Dying To Live. No official release date hasbeen set, but check for more details.

In San Diego, the Washington Street Skateparkis finally happening, thanks to the Washington Street SkateparkAssociation (W.S.S.A.), a nonprofit charitable organizationdedicated to building free, skater-run parks in conjunction withfederal and local governments, local businesses, and residents. Thepark was born when local San Diego skaters took over an area underan overpass and began building concrete obstacles. After a few yearsof wrangling with the city over permits and permission, the skatershave finally secured the area for their park, and construction on thecurrent phase began in April. For more information on how to beinvolved, check out

Imperial Distribution recently finished theirannual spring promo video, previewing the new Maple,151, and Judah videos. It includes a minidocumentary on Kien Lieu and his travels in Asia. Also included is ateaser for Satva Leung‘s new videoBlackout, available now, featuring skateboardingfrom around the world. The full-length videos will be done byAugust 2002.

Sessions is happy to announce the appointmentof Overlook Textile GmbH as its licensee for theEuropean market. The former distributor for Sessions, RainerSoelch, retains a prominent sales position in the neworganization. For more information, check out

After a few months of concerted effort from bothElement Skateboards and Donny Barley,Donny has left the Element team on good terms. With no concreteplans for board sponsorship at press time, Barley will take his timeand survey his options.

Extreme Group, the media company in theaction-sports sector and parent company of the ExtremeSports Channel, recently announced the launch of the hour-long action-sports series EX TV on Fox SportsNet in the U.S. EX TV launched March 18 on Fox Sports Net’sregional sports channels, reaching over 78-million U.S. homes. Theseries showcases action-sports lifestyles, plus top athletes, events,bands, and more. It will air on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4 part of FSN’s Rush Hour, the network’s weekday action-sports programming block. EX TV will span a number of sports,including snowboarding and skateboarding.

Real Skateboards is releasing an am tour videoentitled Recipe For Disaster, featuring amsDennis Busenitz, J.T. Aultz, Damien Bravo, ChrisTrembley, Peter Ramondetta, and DarrellStanton. For more information, call Deluxedistribution at: 1-800-935-7045, or (415) 468-7045.

Gouge Clothing is now available in Japan andAustralia through Daiwabo Corporation in Osaka, andBoydex International Ltd. in Australia. For moreinformation, in the U.S. call: (858) 391-3380.

What was formerly known as the Action SportsRetailer trade show, and casually abbreviated as ASR,has now officially changed its name to ASR. Upcoming ASRtrade shows are on the following dates: September 5-7, 2002 in SanDiego, and February 2-4, 2003 in Long Beach. For more information,log on to, or call: (949) 376-6223.

The new Elevate trucks video,Levitate, is done and is available through EastCoast Skates, Video Action Sports, and Elevate. The videofeatures Rodd Marks, Nate Sherwood, Jared Faustino, BenButler, Cristian Lopez, and Ty Cabaya, amongothers. Check out for the trailer, or call: (650)355-0679.

In another case of corporate America miningskateboarding’s talent in an attempt to target the youth market,Virgin Records hired San Diego’s Mad Media toproduce a commercial for the release of the Neptunes’N*E*R*D album. Mad Media, in turn, enlisted prosDave Mayhew and Kanten Russell, filmed for acouple days around L.A., and the commercial has since debuted onMTV and MTV2.

Tony Hawk‘s Midas touch is still going strong asTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was named BestConsole Sports Game Of The Year by the Academy OfInteractive Arts And Sciences. In addition to beingActivision’s top-selling game of 2001, the game will also be releasedas a PC version so players can shred online with friends around theworld.

Volcom is running its Pick A WinnerStonestakes at Simply log on, click on thebooger, and you’ll be entered to win limited Volcom goodies notavailable in stores.

Good news in NorCal-the IRS has official recognized theTim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund as a PubliclySupported Organization with tax-exempt status. The Organization ismaking its first donation to help build a 20,000-square-foot park inScotts Valley, California, and plans to help San Jose with theconstruction of its park.

Skateboarding has made it to pay-per-view. On June 28,you can pay to watch Bob Burnquist, Tony Hawk, EricKoston, Geoff Rowley, Mike Vallely, and DannyWay compete in the Op King Of Skate eventfor a winner-take-all cash award of 25,000 dollars. The skatersdesigned and executed their own stunts, and 900 Filmsproduced the footage. Check out for details.

In NHS news, Threat Media got the jobto redesign the Independent Trucks Web site. The”history heavy” site will be revamped this summer. The KruxApril Fool’s Tour included Caswell Berry, ColtCannon, Louie Barletta, Alan Peterson, and SC ProsRon Whaley and Steffan Attardo. Look for theKrux Tour Video soon. BootlegSkateboards welcomes Scott Kane and VanWa
as the team’s newest ams. Look for rider AnthonyMosley (Bootleg Am) this September starring in DustinDollin‘s flick Hated And Proud.

Girls skate/snow-clothing brand Nikita is finallygoing to be available in the U.S. Check out Nikita’s first summercollection at

Ramptech has been busy building skateparks allover the country and Canada, as well as designing and constructingequipment for the Vans Triple Crown Of Skateboardingcontest in Cleveland this year. Visit to see all thenew ramps and rails it has to offer, plus its Skate At HomeCreator, where you can design and order your own drivewayskatepark. Ramptech recently installed new parks in the RexPlex facility in New Jersey, the City Of RockvilleSkatepark, the Marathon Skatepark in the FloridaKeys, a park in Stevensville Maryland, and one in Vancouver,Washington. They also updated the Myrtle Beach Park inSouth Carolina with a bowl.

Tikal is a new French wheel company created inOctober, 2001 by Samir Krim and FredMaechler. The team consists of the following skaters:Vincent Bressol, J.J. Rousseau, and NicolasCaron from Cliché skateboards; Krim andMathieu Levaslot from Street Machine Paris;plus Bertrand Soubrier, Alex Van Hoecke, Lucas Puig,and hot am Soy Panday.

The Lordz Conspiracy and the SquareTeam will celebrate the birth of a new skate-shoe brand calledAeon Footwear during a twelve-day tour in Japan.Florentin Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Henning Braaten,Franck Barattiero, Bastien Salabanzi, J.B Gillet, andLuy-Pa Sin will be there from May 16 to May 28, visitingfive cities (Osaka, Mie, Nagoya, Yokosuka, and Tokyo), doing demos,and filming.

In other French news, Jan Kliewer is the newestpro on Cliché. His board will be out this summer. Former TheFirm amateur Wieger Van Wageningen is now onthe Cliché team. Cliché will have its first booth at this year’sSeptember ASR trade show. Check out

The Orange Crush Backyard Jam and JoeLopes Memorial Barbeque went down on April 20 at themini ramp of Sole Tech’s Mark Waters–Brand Managerfor éS and Emerica– in Orange, California with much success. Thejam-style session and barbecue was to commemorate Lopes and hiscontributions to skateboarding. Lopes hosted the first-ever jam-format pro contest on his backyard ramp in San Leandro, Californiatwenty years ago. Element provided barbequed grub whileEtnies, Foundation, Pig, and Split all kicked infor the 4,500-dollar purse. Winners were chosen via secret ballot bythe skaters involved. Neil Heddings placed first, ChadVogt placed second, and Patrick Melcher placedthird.

Giant Skateboard Distribution is nowmarketing chewing gum. Ollie Pop Bubble Gum will besold in pouches containing seven pieces of gum and four or five freestickers from premier skateboard brands.

The Black Label team has been filming for a newvideo, tentatively titled Can’t Wait. It should beout in the fall.

The Element Twig team is on the rise with youngguns Tyler Bledsoe, Devon Lamb, Collin Provost, CorbinHames, and Grant Taylor. Billy Pepper is theconfirmed Twigs team leader, and will guide these kids in the rightdirection.

Hollywood Sports, a 30-acre theme park inBellflower, California is scheduled to open this summer and plans todraw a million sports enthusiasts a year. The park will feature a50,000-square-foot skatepark, paintball games, a BMX racetrack,restaurants, an arcade, a nightclub, and beach volleyball, tennis, andbasketball courts. Check for details.

The Hollywood Sports skatepark ramps are surfaced withRamp-Lite, a new product designed by JoelKlippert specifically for skateboard ramps. Klippert formerlyworked with Ranier Richlite, where he helped developand market the popular Skatelite material. For more information,call: (253) 576-7002.

Skatepark builders Spohn Ranch Incorporatedhave opened up three new skateparks recently in Oakdale, Lincoln,and Los Angeles, California. For more information, check

The first Phoenix am contest thrown by Cowtownskate shop was a huge success. Danny Wallace (Lucky,Venture) took the golden ticket on Saturday with a flawlessqualifying run. Billy Marks took first place in the finalswith an amazing technical run on Sunday. The Circa 1,000Dollar Best Trick contest went to Danny Wallace with a nollieheelflip backside 50-50 down the rail.

Mike Vallely‘s been busy promoting his newvideo, Drive, that comes with a three-song demoof his new band, Mike V And The Rats. Check for more details and gig dates.

New at Mike’s Speak Distribution is FastTimes Accessories. The Fast Times griptape hashit. As of right now Mike V. is the only teamrider, but expect moresoon. For more information, call Speak at: 1-877-902-2235.

After a ten-year absence from the U.S. marketplace,Skull Skates is opening a new outlet in Santa Cruz,California which will serve as a retail storefront, mail-order service,and a distribution center for the United States. Meanwhile,Skull Skates Japan is celebrating its eighth anniversaryand is being run by Satoshi Ono. Check skullskates.comfor the full line of products.

Trabuco Canyon, California-based Board-Trachas summarized the size of the skateboarding, snowboarding, andwave-riding markets. Compiled from Board-Trac’s 2001 retail andconsumer survey data, the company’s market reports include dollarvolume for hardgoods, softgoods, shoes, and accessories in each ofthe three board-sport categories. Also new from Board-Trac is theState Of The Girls Market In Action Sports report.Board-Trac also rolled out its new Trend Watch Programearlier this year, which offers information to the action sportsindustry from both the consumer and the retail standpoints. Formore information, call Marie Case at: (949) 721-8422. Orvisit

Powell has just released the classicCaballero graphic from 1989, as seen in the Powell-Peralta video, Ban This. The graphic comeson a contemporary deck and is 7.75 by 31.75 inches with thecompany’s steepest concave.

Mini Logo will be releasing a new skateboardbearing, featuring a removable rubber shield on one side, aremovable metal shield on the other, high-speed molded ballretainer, precision ground and super-finished, hardened chromium-steel racers and balls, and pre-lubed with Bones BearingsSpeed Cream.

Bones Wheels now offers their SPF skatepark-formula wheels in their popular Skinny Bones shape in sizes 54 mmby 32 mm and 52 mm by 31 mm.

Bones HardCore bushings are now available insome new colors. The Bones natural color will feature either a blue,yellow, or black insert to indicate hardness. If you haven’t triedthese, e-mail with an address and they’ll sendyou out a set.

Surf One has released a new longboard wheel,featuring a clean simple Surf One logo and is available in a 65 mm,80 A durometer translucent ocean-blue color.

In dNA news, Matt Milligan is in a newpilot television show about skateboarding on the WBNetwork being produced by Tom Green. For moreinformation, check out

Navigator Truck Company announces the re-introduction of the yellow Flame series truck. They areavailable now in 127 mm and 133 mm sizes. Navigator has alsorecently picked up several new distributors, including SouthShore in the U.S., I-Five Distribution in The UnitedKingdom, BL Rollbretter in Germany, and UltimateDistribution in Canada. Check out Navigator’s re
designed Website at

Logic Skateboard Media recently signed onCain Angelle, director of the digital featureChronilogical, which stars DogtownSkateboards’ Laban Pheidias, Juvee skate shop’sCalixto Hernandez, and hosts cameo appearances fromWee Man, Shepard Fairey, and TransWorldSTANCE’s very own Ted Newsome, to name afew. For more information, check out

Rick McCrank’s Anti-Social skate shop is open andcan be found at 2425 Main St., Vancouver BC V5T 3E1, and by phoneat: (604) 708-5678.

The rumors are true, PJ Ladd rides for Flip. This ismost likely due to the mind-blowing part the lad has in ColiseumSkate Superstore’s PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Lifevideo, distributed by 411VM.

In other video-related news, Mike Taylor had 40stitches removed from his leg and went straight back to filming forthe City Stars video. Rodrigo Teixeira is also filmingfor a Rookies part in 411VM issue 52 and The Firmvideo that’s due out around September. Tom Penny willmake his return to California in May for the Flip premiere,which promises all-new footage of the elusive one. And EricKoston has been filming nonstop for the Girl video,Yeah, Right, which should be done in June.

SKATE Biz welcomes its first new employee inalmost forever. Associate Editor Blair Alley debuts with thisissue and is your target for company news and information. E-mailhim a high five at:

Nixon is proud to announce two new additions toits in-house team. Megan Brunner and TomCoscia have joined Nixon’s marketing and sales departments.Brunner will be handling marketing-coordinator responsibilities, andCoscia’s new home is in the customer-service department.

At Giant Distribution, Rima Romero is thenew director of sales. You can reach her by e-mail Or call: 1-800-229-3325, ext. 254.

Travis Beyerly, Pablo Diaz, and JonoHicks have been added to the Hawk Apparel repforce. Beyerly will represent the Northwest states, includingWashington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. He can bereached at: (425) 369-8455. Diaz is now representing Puerto Rico.He can be reached at: (787) 253-9529. Hicks is representingNorthern California and can be reached at: (805) 733-1086.

David Broach is the new staff photographer atShorty’s.

Scott Toth is the new team and marketingcontact at Pro-Tec. You can reach him at: (310) 318-9883,ext. 145. Or via e-mail at:

VNU Sports Group has hired KevinFlanagan as group trade-show director for the ASR TradeExpos. As show director, Flanagan will be responsible for thelong-term success and development of ASR products, reportingdirectly to VNU Sports Group President David Loechner.Flanagan joins ASR from Globe International Ltd., wherehe was vice president of marketing.

After winning the Damn Am Vert, Tampa AmVert, and the Warped Tour Finals, Ruda Lopes isnow pro for Vision. The company is also proud toannounce the return of Everett Rosecrans. After a 14-year break from Vision, Rosencrans returns for round two.Also, Ron Camero has returned to the company.

Vision Street Wear is pleased to announce itwill be touring overseas later this year. The tour will be spearheadedby Tas Pappas, who will be joined by the Brazilian streetmachine Wolnei Dos Santos, the newest member ofVision’s shoe and board teams. For more information, check

Shoe Box

Vans recently announced that FOX SportsNet will return as media partner for the Vans TripleCrown Series, joining NBC Sports as a cablecomplement. Ten of the eighteen Vans Triple Crown Series eventswill air on NBC Sports with the remaining eight airing during theVans Off The Wall programming block Tuesdayand Thursday afternoons on Fox Sports Net.

Vans has launched its very own record label, VansRecords, to be headed up by Pennywise front manJim Lindberg. As a natural progression from sponsoringthe Vans Warped Tour every summer, the music will beavailable in skate and surf shops as well as Vans retail stores andVans sponsored concerts and contests. Look out for future releasesfrom Vans riders Steve Caballero and TonyTrujillo with their respective bands.

Steve Caballero is also working on an updated HalfCab. For more information, check out

Kareem Campbell and Rune Glifberghave new shoes out on Campbell’s own Axion SportSpecific shoe company. For more information, check

In Sole Technology news, Emericashoes has released a limited-edition run of 600 pairs of EdTempleton‘s Templeton 2 hand spray-painted shoes, availableto ‘core skate shops only. Ed and the Emerica crew actually spray-painted the shoes themselves for authenticity. Check for more information about theGoldschlager Templetons.

The Emerica team has been filming all over the countrylike mad for their upcoming video This IsSkateboarding.

Pop group Linkin Park capped off their “ProjektRevolution” tour with a benefit show at the Los Angeles House OfBlues in early March, and DC riders Colin McKay,Danny Way, and Jason Ellis turned up to show theirsupport. The show was organized by a group of thirteen year oldsfrom an L.A.-area high school to benefit TrinityKids Care,the first pediatric hospice in L.A. county. DC donated gear for a pre-show product toss.

This March, DC kicked off a new feature on its Website–trick tips. Team members Rob Dyrdek, KennyHughes, and the rest of the squad elaborated on theintricacies of fundamental skate tricks for DC’s cameras.

Savier‘s highly publicized Trade ‘EmUp tour traveled the West Coast to trade kids their old shoesfor new pairs of Saviers. The company also offered every personwho participated in the program ten dollars off of their nextpurchase of Saviers. The tour started on March 25 in Healdsburg,California, hitting almost every outdoor/indoor park along the WestCoast, and ended at the Slam City Jam Contest inVancouver, Canada.

Globe World Cup Skateboarding lead off thelaunch of EX TV, an hour-long action-sports series, March18 on Fox Sports Net. Over 100 pros took overMelbourne, Australia’s Rod Laver Arena for a piece of the56,000-dollar prize purse and one of three new Ford vehicles. Thebroadcast included the first ever Gallaz Girls Skate Jam.

In other Globe news, the company has hired SNLCommunications, the Los Angeles-based full-service public-relations agency specializing in the action-sports industry, to handleall public relations efforts for its brands: Globe, Gallaz, andTrans Element footwear and apparel. Check and

If you’re in So Cal this summer, keep an eye out for theEtnies Skatepark BBQ Tour. From May 5 to September 7the Etnies team will be doing demos to raise awareness of legislationSB 994, which will update California’s skateboarding-related liability laws and secure the future of public skateparks.Expect free food, cold beverages, free apparel, and drawings for freeEtnies shoes. Check out for details and dates.

Airwalk has launched its new Web site, Check it for info on their skate, snow, and BMXproducts and riders. Airwalk’s Verus impact-controltechnology will be returning in several of their Fall 2002 shoes.Airwalk will also be rereleasing many of their original shoesincluding the Spider Slip-on, Chukka, Polyester Lo andHi, Reflex, and the Original One.Airwalk is
currently being recognized for its role as one of theoriginal skateboarding and action-sports brands in the EuropeanSneakers, Etc. exhibition–an eight-week internationalroad-show exhibition on the spirit of the sneakers generation. Itshows the development of trainers and the interaction with otheraspects of youth culture over the last three decades. Close to 10,000visitors saw a part of the exhibition last year at the POPDOMmuseum in Cologne, Germany.

Jason “The Kid” Adams has made the movefrom Vans to Duffs. Look for Adams’ signatureDuffs kicks out soon.

Reef has chosen interactive marketing agencyJuxt Interactive to create their new online brand andWeb site. Juxt’s efforts will reposition the footwear company inconjunction with a new offline advertising and product debut. Thesite,, will promote the seasonal debut of products,sponsored athletes, sponsored events, and the world-famousReef Girls.

Genetic Shoes has launched its new Web site, The Flash-based site features an interactiveproduct analysis section, a retailer locater, and the latest team newsin the rider journal. Developed by Xylem Interactive, theWeb site has been elected as one of five Motion Graphics finalists inthe Flash Forward Film Festival in San Francisco.

Pat Channita is currently working on his secondshoe with Genetic.

Osiris Shoes has embarked on its third annualAftermath Tour. Touted as The Biggest Skateboard TourIn History, it will be divided into three legs: Europe, (April 20 to May25), U.S.A. (June 1 to July 4), and Canada (August 1 to August 13).The tour will feature the entire Osiris team as well as special guests.As in previous years, DJ performances and after-parties willaccompany the tour, but new this year, the Aftermath Tour isfeatured on FOX Sports Net Mondays at 4:00 p.m., with thirteen half-hour episodes beginning May 6.

Osiris Shoes signed skateboarding icon JayAdams. One of the original Z Boys, Adams has unitedwith Osiris to design his own shoe model. The conjunction will linkskateboarding’s past with its present, combining old style with new.The Jay Adams signature shoe is scheduled for show and booking atthe fall 2002 San Diego ASR Trade Expo.

Circa designed and sponsored a skatepark at thetwelve-hour hip-hop, techno, and house festival known asAudiotistic. The event took place on April 9 in SanBernardino, and the Circa team and other famous skaters vied forthe best trick to take home the 5,000-dollar prize.

Pancho Moler will be getting his first pro-modelshoe with Sens in the near future.

Vision reports that Duane Peters hassigned on to release a Punk Rock signature shoe.

I Path is moving its warehouse from New Jerseyto California. Along with a new state-of-the-art shipping facility, IPath will add increased on-site customer-service representatives. IPath has hired several new regional reps: Greg Osthus in So Cal andArizona, Jim Obrien in Los Angeles, Jerry Harris and DandelionBordow in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Dennis Winters in Texas,John McDaniel in the Mid Atlantic region, Matt Dowlen in CentralCalifornia, and EK Greif in New England. Also, the company has hireda new international sales manager. Kevin Mitchell, formerly ofDeluxe Distribution, has joined the growing I Path team, will beexclusively handling all I Path International accounts, and is based inLos Angeles, California. He can be reached at: (310) 828-6762.

The I Path team will be touring this summer. They arecurrently setting up dates and locations. If you?d like to set up ademo, please call: 1-877-864-7284. Or e-mail:, I Path will release several new pro models for Back ToSchool: Kenny Reed‘s Traveler, Matt Field‘s YogiHI, and Karl Watson‘s P2.

Roster Hops


Jay Adams– Osiris
Louie Barletta– Shorty’s hardware, Black Magic Griptape
Ali Cairns– Vans Europe
Quim Cardona– Organika
Chris Cole– Zero
Carlos De Andrade– Ezekiel
Stefan Janowski– Habitat
Justin Strubing– Shorty’s hardware, Black Magic Griptape
Chris Swanson– Pep Wheels
Karl Watson– Royal Trucks

Vincent Bressol– Tikal Wheels
Nicolas Caron– Tikal Wheels
Dustin Charlton– Judah
Scott Christansen– Venture
Jesse Erickson– Shorty’s hardware, Black Magic Griptape, BlackPanthers
Jared Falia– Elevate
Nathan Groff– Deathbox
Terry Kennedy– Element
Samir Krim– Tikal Wheels
PJ Ladd– Flip
Kyle Leeper– Orion
Mathieu Levaslot– Tikal Wheels
Adam Louder– Elenex
Mike Manetas– Venture
Billy Marks– Shorty’s hardware, Black MagicGriptape, Black Panthers
Mike McKinley– Westbeach
Jeramy Morgan– Venture
Jake Palu– Venture
Soy Panday– Tikal Wheels
Rodrigo Peterson– Venture
Trevor Prescott– Supernaut, Halos
Lucas Puig– Tikal Wheels
Pat Rakestraw– 151
Danny Renaud– Ipath
Casey Rigney– Venture
J.J. Rousseau– Tikal Wheels
Pat Smith– 151
Bertrand Soubrier– Tikal Wheels
Nikhal Thayer– Autobahn wheels
Stephanie Thomas– Krux
Jeremiah Vance– Element
Alex Van Hoecke– Tikal Wheels
Van Wastell– Shorty’s hardware, Black MagicGriptape, Black Panther