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Skateboard Company Pushes Women

Cherry Skateboards is a new skateboarding company owned and operated entirely by women for women and based out of Breckenridge, Colorado. Founded by Emilie Oliver, it will provide a platform for female artists and designers to develop board graphics and clothing designs. Their team includes street skaters Alexis Schempp, Jill Viggiani, and Kara Pizzamiglio, as well as vert skaters Hudson Postone and Sarah Drexler.Cherry Skateboards also lends its support to a variety of female-focused skate competitions throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as other female-positive events like NYC’s Ladyfest East, L.A.’s After The RAINN, and the Ladies’ Lounge at the Vans Warped Tour.For more information, visit

Permanent Vocation launched the first Internet Job Board and recruiting service built specifically for the action-sports industry, where employee referral and friend-of-a-friend are the most common resources to find new employees. gives job seekers an opportunity to create an account to upload résumés, search for jobs, and set up automatic job-search agents. Companies can create an account to post jobs, search for candidates, have multiple users, and view statistics to measure the success of individual job is free to job seekers and offers pricing options for employers to meet their recruiting needs for any number of employees.

Element In The ClosetElement has a new apparel line, and Element riders Kenny Hughes, Jeremy Wray, Bam Margera, Colt Cannon, Tosh Townend, Jake Rupp, Jeremiah Vance, and Terry Kennedy will represent the new threads. Along with new denims, Element is releasing its Burleys apparel line, developed with strong work-wear-like materials to endure heavy wear and tear.Also new is its Organics program featuring ethically created garments developed from 100-percent organically grown cotton, and Flex fabrics that mesh cotton with Lycra for unrestricted movement.

IMS Gets The ChampIMS Sports, an athlete and commercial-rights management agency in action sports (a.k.a. sports agents for skaters), has added Eric Koston to its extensive roster of clients. IMS Sports will manage sponsorship, business, and media opportunities on Koston’s behalf. The only thing left on Koston’s to-do list is earning a spot on the Lakers team.Siblings and teenage phenoms Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and Tyler Adams Hawkins have also signed with IMS.

Corporate Roster Hops

Smith Sport Optics has hired Liz Randall formerly of TransWorld Media to fill the position of advertising and public-relations manager in the company’s Ketchum, Idaho headquarters. Enjoy potato-land, Liz! Tom Curran is the new skate-team manager for World Industries. Over at the 411 camp, David Gillanders is the new music coordinator, and Nolan Woodrell, formerly of TransWorld STANCE, is working in ad sales. Savier welcomes Jason Smith to their rep force, where he’ll be covering the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Shak Wazir is the Midwest rep for Savier.

Over at The Kayo Corp, Ian Scott is the new domestic sales manager. Canadian company Premium Wood’s new rep for the So Cal area is Dan Negron.Osiris has named Afran Abutin the new art director and Hans Molenkamp the new marketing director.vComet Skateboards has signed Don Fisher as head of sales. Comet is also donating one percent of their sales to the 1% For The Planet Alliance-an organization funding non-government programs solving environmental problems. For more information, visit Monke Skateboards welcomes Liliana Galvis as an overseas sales rep. Galvis will be relocating to London, England to sell to the European skate shops.

Welcome Back, Charlie

When pros can no longer keep up with skateboarding’s progression and physical demands they usually settle for the weight-gaining lifestyle of being a team manager. For a retired pro/team manager to rip harder than his teamriders and warrant reentrance into the pro world is unheard of, until now. Charlie Thomas, team manager for Pig and Hollywood, is once again a professional skateboarder. Charlie was well known in the early 90s as a pro for H-Street and &, but retired from the game in 1993. Nine years later, the old dogs are stoked on his return and the youngsters are going to see what all the fuss is about.

Jay Boy’s Pool Contest

The much-anticipated Jay Adams Underground Pool Duel is being postponed until Jay is off probation in Hawai’i. It should only be a matter of months, but in the meantime, never-before-ridden pools are still being uncovered, the prize-money pot is growing, and the distinguished list of invitees is getting longer. The roster so far: Alva, Shogo, and the rest of the OG Z-Boys will be there. Old-schoolers like Duane Peters and Steve Olson will show up, the underground legends like Royce Nelson, Jimmy the Greek, and Texas Dan will attend. New-schoolers Tony Trujillo, Alex Chalmers, and John Cardiel will also be there. The Bones Brigade will be there, too, but here’re a few people you probably didn’t expect to see in an underground pool contest: Danny Way, Mike Vallely, and Christian Hosoi. Wow.

The Hollywood Grind

Warner Bros. is currently filming a Hollywood skateboarding movie called The Grind with a multimillion-dollar budget. SKATE Biz Assistant Editor Blair Alley recently spent a day on the set undercover as a skateboarding extra. Big names like Willy Santos, Mike Vallely, and Kareem Campbell will be playing themselves in the film, while Brian Sumner, Jesse Fritsch, and Lauren Perkins are stunt-doubling for the actors. The Grind appears to be following in the questionable steps of Hollywood’s previous interpretations of skateboarders in legendary 80s films Thrashin’ and Gleaming The Cube.

Make A Wish

On November 9 and 10 the sixth-annual Texas Skate Jam at Houston’s Southside Skatepark benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation was held. The park sold out of the fifteen-dollar tickets to the 1,000 spectators (500 maximum each day) over the two-day event-the proceeds of which went to charity. Adio shoes kicked down five-thousand dollars-for two best-trick contests-that was then given to the charity. “We called a bunch of teams, and they sent out who they could,” says Southside’s Chris Laughter. “The pros come down and do a demo for the kids.”Think, Ezekiel, and Shorty’s all had riders present this year. South Shore Distribution was the main organizer of the event, with other sponsors including Adio, Hawk Shoes, and Spitfire.

Ramp Recall

As of November 7, Toronto-based Gen-X Sports has officially recalled both of their plastic jump-ramp models. Cooperating with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Gen-X voluntarily recalled the ramps after someone broke their collarbone while riding a scooter on one of the plastic ramps. This has been the only reported accident, but has caused Gen-X to investigate their product. The recalled ramps didn’t have a durable enough composition, causing them to crack. Action Sports Product Coordinator Paul Murphy says, “We’ve gone to them (the CPSC), and worked with them to recall that product back to us.”The two models being recalled are the Rage SSD (model 310937) and the Skate Attack SSD (model 312912). They had been on sale for six months and retailed from twenty to 40 dollars. In total, 88,000 ramps are being recalled. Gen-X is providing a full refund for ramps sent back and has already issued newer, updated models.

What About Contests?

On October 13, the West 49 Canadian Open World Cup went down in Mississaugua, Ontario just outside of Toronto. Sponsored by Kellogg’s Corn Pops, the prize purse reached 7,000 dollars. Top honors went to first-place street winner Dayne Brummet of San Diego, California. The winner of the vert contest was Montreal’s Pierre-Luc Gagnon in the men’s category. Lauren Perkins from Huntington Beach, California took home first place in the womens’ division. In addi
tion to a solid weekend of skateboarding, musical performances by the Bouncing Souls, Maestro Fresh-Wes, and the Snitches kept the crowd entertained at night. Overall, the contest was a complete success. Everyone was happy, and Event Director Erik Kalacis claims, “We are definitely coming back next fall.”

The Last Damn Am Of 2002 went down at the Volcom warehouse in Costa Mesa, California on October 26 and 27. Billed as the “West Coast Tampa Am,” the contest was bigger and more hectic than ever. When the dust settled, Billy Marks took first in street and Valter Vale took first in vert.

Giant Offering Free DeliveryIn an attempt to defray outlandish shipping costs and save the retailer some money, Giant Skateboard Distribution is offering a delivery service for its Southern California shops. Skate shops located in between Santa Barbara and San Diego can now get Giant products delivered with no shipping charge. The Giant delivery-truck service was started over a year ago in order to provide customers with a higher level of service. “The truck is all about customer service,” explains Braden Stiller, literally the man behind the wheel of this operation. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in once-a-month trips to San Francisco and Phoenix, with other routes in the works. By delivering the goods themselves, Giant saves the average Southern California shop a good chunk of change every time they order.

Between saving money and getting next day or same day delivery, So Cal shops have little room to complain. “I’ve been using it (the Giant delivery service) for about a year now,” says Ken Lewis, owner of Hanger Eighteen in San Diego. “It’s a great way for me to see all the new products, and I can decide what to order, right then and there.” Lewis and other shop owners have the opportunity to stand on the boards in the carpeted van, examine the wallets, and decide what’s right for their shop, before they buy.”The catalog doesn’t even compare,” says Stiller.If the popularity of this service continues to grow, then skate-shop delivery could very well become tomorrow’s standard.

Chatman Resurfaces, Kids Tour Giant

Young members of Yo Watts, a youth organization out of L.A.’s Watts neighborhood headed by ex-pro skater Ron Chatman, recently got the chance to see how skateboards are made, with a tour through Paul Schmitt’s Costa Mesa woodshop, PS Stix.

Schmitt also led them on a tour through neighboring company India Ink, where board screening occurs. “Professor Schmitt,” as he was called, took the kids through the process of making a skateboard, from a hardwood maple tree to the finished product.

Following the factory tours, the party went down the street to 411VM Productions for a modest tour, pizza party, big-screen viewing of the latest 411, and of course, freebies.

Kids were also taken to Giant Distribution, where production manager Roger Harrell walked kids through the offices and warehouse, explaining to them how a skateboard company operates.

After all the tours and chats, kids were taken to the Giant skatepark for a chance to skate with Element teamriders Jeremy Wray, Kenny Hughes, Tosh Townend, Terry Kennedy, and Bill Pepper.

Wes Humpston And Bulldog

Wes Humpston, one of the original founding partners and artists of Dogtown Skates in the late 70s, has launched Bulldog Skates with the help of longtime friend and Venice local Ray Flores.

The original Dogtown company died around 1980, but Wes continued to make boards for his friends and collectors under the Bulldog Art name, one at a time, each with a custom-designed graphic.

The new lineup includes a Shogo Kubo model and Kubo signature wheel, a PC Tail Tap II Paul Constantineau, a huge eleven-inch Ray Flores model, as well as many limited editions, longboards, 70s-style flat single kicks, and custom single and double conical wheels. True 70s style.Bulldog fans have been purchasing two of everything they produce, one to skate and one for the collection. Check out for your board-collecting needs.

Odds And Ends

TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Associate Editor Aaron Schmidt and his wife Kristi have started an infant surf and skate clothing line called Inphant Elefant. The clothes are specifically designed for infants and toddlers. Finally, parents can dress their future rippers in cool threads, too. To see the product line, check out

Speaking of clothing lines, Steve Berra has one coming out through his clothing sponsor, Diesel.

JWID Distribution has been created to house the Cowboypunk Wheels and Cowgirlpunk Clothing lines. Chikara Wheels are now exclusively available through Black Belt Distribution. Tracker is now making bushings called Super Balls. They come in 90A, 94A, and 97A durometers and are available through Climax Manufacturing.

Perhaps the most popular skateboarder of the year, P.J. Ladd is getting one of those nifty “guest pro” models on Krooked. The lad will be touring Japan with the rest of the team. There’s no roster hopping, so don’t get excited. Krooked is for everyone.

The UK’s “favourite” board company, Blueprint, has released the Belong Tour 2002 video documenting their summer vacation. Summer tour videos seem to be quite the trend these days (Girl’s Harsh Euro Barge, Foundation’s Madness And Mayhem). The Blueprint team has also been assessing skateable terrain in Athens, Greece and have set up a secret team apartment in Barcelona, Spain.

Modart had another Keep A Breast show in New York City from October 3 to November 15 at the Triple Five Soul store/gallery. Several artists painted and decorated plaster castings of breasts that were then auctioned online to benefit The Breast Cancer Fund and the Asha Kilgallen McGee fund. Check to view the works of art.

VAS Entertainment is giving the video magazine formerly known as Logic a facelift. Death Of The Video Magazine is the new working title, and it will eliminate the typical video-magazine format. The new video series will focus on pros in their element with a unique working title per release. The premiere issue features Rob Dyrdek, Chris Van Engelman, and Jake Nunn and should be available now.

“Legend” Harold Hunter of Zoo York and Adrian Lopez of Manhattan’s ABC skate shop (not of Zero fame-different Lopez) wanted a New York City-based bearing company, so they founded Rock Star Bearings. They’re already working on their self-titled video due out in March 2003. On the roster are Pat Smith, Dustin Charlton, Billy Rohan, Pepe Martinez, Quim Cardona, Vanessa Torres, Lauren Mollica, Mike Wright, and a bunch of others.

Shoe Box

Limited-Edition Camo Rowley’s On Vans introduces the limited-edition Rowley Camo Classic shoes, available exclusively on the Web site. Prior to the Winter Olympics earlier this year in Salt Lake City, Vans Head Of Promotions Steve Van Doren had the idea for a limited-edition Camo Rowley Classic for snowboard teamriders Daniel Franck and Danny Kass to wear. The shoes were made quickly in time for the Olympics, and the response was overwhelming around the Olympic Village. Following the Olympics, Vans worked closely with Geoff Rowley, picking just the right realtree print to use on the Classics. These limited-edition Rowley Classics are available in small quantities and only on

A Wider Path

Longtime I Path rider Nate Jones will be getting his first pro-model shoe in time for the Long Beach ASR show. Additionally, I Path will be launching a full apparel line for Summer/Fall 2003. I Path’s Web site has a new domain name-check out Glen Garland is the company’s newest rep, and he’ll be covering the Rockies.

Arto Picks A Winner

A while back, Arto Saari and éS hosted a contest for skateboarders to come up with a new colorway for his éS pro-model shoe. A blank outline of the Arto shoe along with a palette of colors was posted on the éS Web site, and the Arto Shoe-Coloring Contest was born. Thousands of entries were e-mailed in, but one
in particular stood out on account of its glowing Rasta hues. The Rasta-themed shoe was e-mailed in by a skater named Gabriel from Foster City, California. While on a skateboarding mission in NorCal, éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth arranged to swing by and present the shoes to Gabriel in person, with éS rider P.J. Ladd in tow. Gabriel just happened to be watching P.J. Ladd’s Wonderful, Horrible Life when Tony and P.J. showed up. Needless to say, Gabriel was surprised when he answered the door. Tony and P.J. nearly emptied their van to set him up with tons of éS, Flip, and Coliseum gear including quite a few of the Rasta-colored Arto shoes.

East Coast Etnies

Etnies announces the launch of a new section on their Web site called Etnies East Coast. You’ll find photos, articles and interviews with Etnies East Coast skaters like Zered Bassett, Chris Trembley, and Tino Razo. You’ll also find Etnies East Coast manager Craig Metzger and other key players from the area on the site, including Autumn Skate Shop; 5boro; Zoo York; an overview of Bay Ridge skatepark in Brooklyn; and even a Manhattan photo gallery full of art, graffiti, and other random people and places. Visit and check out the new East Coast coverage in the Skate Extra section.

Roster Hops


Jay Adams: Dogtown
Steffan Attardo: Vallely
Chad Bartie: Genetic
Ali Boulala: Osiris
Morgan Campbell: Premium
Corey Duffel: Sessions
Josh Evin: Premium
Jesse Fritsch: Vallely
Pierre-Luc Gagnon: City Stars
Robbie Gangemi: I Path
Jerry Hsu: Revolution Wheels
Ryan Johnson: 151
Chad Knight: Bones Wheels
Ruda Lopes: Ambiguous
Stacy Lowery: Black Magic Griptape
Greg Lutzka: FKD Bearings
Anthony Mosley: Shorty’s
Steve Nesser: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape
Jake Nunn: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape, Black Panthers Bearings
Matt Pailes: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Panthers Bearings
Jesse Parker: Gravity
Duane Peters: Red Cross
Paul Rodriguez: FKD Bearings
Mike Taylor: Matix, Seek
Chet Thomas: Globe Apparel
Tony Trujillo: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape
Charlie Wilkins: 5boro

Graham Bickerstaff: Bones Wheels
James Brockman: Osiris
Doug Des Aultes: Bones Wheels
Stu Garney: Bones Wheels
Knox Godoy: Ambiguous
Tyler Hansen: Powell
Nestor Judkins: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape, Black Panthers Bearings
Rodrigo Lima: Shorty’s
Kevin “Spanky” Long: Toy Machine
Adrian Mallory: Pig Skateboards
Tony Manfre: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape
Billy Marks: Rusty
Robbie McKinley: Black Magic Griptape, Black Panthers Bearings
Roger Mihalko: Gravity
Aaron Perko: Bones Wheels
Angel Ramirez: Bones Wheels
Lenny Rivas: Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic Griptape, Black Panthers
Chris Roberts: Black Magic Griptape, Black Panthers Bearings
Dan Roberts: Bones Wheels
Gary Robinson: Premium
Leo Romero: Foundation
Billy Roper: Sugar Sports
Gareth Stehr: Foundation
Ricky Stiles: Deathbox
Brandon Westgate: 5boro