Biz Buzz, Shoe Box, Roster Hops, August 2002

We’re Officially Chic

An article in the May 5, 2002 edition of the NewYork Times (“The Whoosh of What You’ll Be Wearing” byKate Betts) reports on a recent vintage-skate-clothing sale atResurrection. A trendy NYC boutique located on Mott Street–in anarea notorious for being a magnet for “fashion stylists and idea-starved designers,” writes Betts–stirred a great deal of hype. Thesale took over a year of planning and assembling by ResurrectionOwners Katy Rodriguez and Mark Haddaway, and its timingcoincided with the release of Dogtown And Z-Boys.

Items featured at the sale include 80s-era Vansshoes, Vision shoes, Vision Street Wear items,as well as various new and used skate T-shirts from a range ofbrands. Vintage shoes at the trendy sale were selling in the 300dollar range, while some T-shirts approached the 200 dollar mark.Among the most popular items were shoes and shirts with skulls andspider-web prints.

Mall Sponsors Skate-Graphic Contest

The Glendale Galleria mall in So Cal held the Design ADeck contest this spring, inviting teens to draw their ownskateboard graphics and win a chance to have the graphic printedon a skateboard deck. The contest was organized to promote themall’s teen-themed area The Zone–featuring stores andrestaurants geared for Generation Y youth. The contest requiredentrants to draw their own full-scale designs on skateboard-shapedtemplates. With 350 entrants, seventeen-year-old Glendale HighSchool student John Garcia won the sixteen-to-nineteen division,and fourteen-year-old Toll Middle School student GeorgeKoshkaryan won the fifteen-and-under division.

The two winners each received a deck with their designsprinted onto them, and runners-up got prizes from WorldIndustries. World pros Mike Crum and MathiasRingstrom were present to support the event and congratulatethe winners.

ESPN To Host Olympics-Style Contest

ESPN will organize and televise a new annual team event:The X-Games Global Championship, featuring twodistinct venues, and hosting two competitions heldsimultaneously–featuring both summer and winter action sports.Planned for May 2003, the world’s top athletes will be groupedtogether into six teams by their region of origin (U.S., Europe,Canada, South America, Asia, and Australia).

While at the summer X-Games Global Championshipsite, skateboarding, bicycle stunt, motocross, and in-line skatingwill be featured. At the winter site, X-Sports competitions, includingsnowboarding and skiing, will take place. Results from both venueswill be combined for an overall team score. The event’s goal is tocrown one of the six teams as the X-Games GlobalChampion.


Swiss ramp-maker BOWL Premium Skateparks hasinstalled one of its custom laminated bowls at the BlockSkatepark in Winterthur, Switzerland ( At a cost ofalmost 100,000 dollars, the structure is a six-foot-deep flat-walledbowl with several corners and an over-vert dish called The Pit thatresembles the famous overhang bowl on Bob Burnquist’s privateramp.

What makes the BOWL product unique is the laminated-birch surface, which company founder and longtime skater Ralf”Pogo” Vogt holds international patents for, including one inthe U.S. Each piece of the ramp is preformed, and they fit togetheron a wooden frame in a virtually seam-free configuration. BOWL canmanufacture pieces with flat-wall-style transitions, as on a ramp, orwith complex curves for bowls.

The Winterthur bowl is 46 feet wide by 72 feet long, andhas eight-foot, four-inch transitions cut at six feet high. The Pit issixteen feet high at its peak. The bowl joins an existing mini ramp onone wall to form a spine.

Pogo has been negotiating to bring his BOWL product toskateparks in the U.S. and several other countries. For moreinformation, check out for more information.

X Marks The Point

With many California school districts now running year-round academic programs, many kids are finding themselves withblocks of vacation at odd times of the year. Considering that,Randy Cole and Jason Pennington have opened a year-round action-sports camp in So Cal. Point X Camp, namedafter their video-production company, sits on 260 lakeside acresnear Temecula, California and offers facilities and training forskateboarding, in-line skating, and BMX. A motocross program is inthe works.

Built by John Tyson and Vertical ProductionsIndustries–the same company that builds the X-Gamescourses–the 75,000 square feet of skate terrain will feature indoorand outdoor street courses, vert ramps, resin training ramps, andfoam pits designed with step-up sections for every level of skater.The camp will also offer several extra curricular activities such aspaintball, rock climbing, video production, photography, bungeejumping, and screen printing.

Joining Cole and Pennington is Jeff Jewett, whoworked at Windell’s Snowboard Camp in Oregon for a few years,and Brian Harper, formerly of skatepark builders SITEDesign Group.

With the camp launching this summer, Point X staff aims tobuild a reputation as a destination for kids from all over thecountry. The camp’s location directly serves the San Diego, LosAngeles, California Central Valley, Phoenix, and Las Vegas regions.Regular sessions run Sunday to Saturday, but weekenders andshorter stays can be arranged. For more information, check Or call the camp at (909) 767-0610.

Deathbox And Jay Adams

O.G. Z-Boy Jay Adams was released from aHawai’ian state penitentiary in June and has already planned theJay Adams Invitational Underground Pool Duel.Entrants will be handpicked by Adams to compete for the 100,000-dollar prize purse donated by Jay’s sponsors, Osiris andDeathbox. The purse may go up with additional sponsors. Thethree-part contest series will take place in three undisclosedbackyard pools sometime this fall.

The Deathbox Limited Series decks now available includedecks from Jay Adams, Brad Bowman, Wentzle Ruml, Doug”Pineapple” Saladino, Hackett, Inouye, and Folmer.Deathbox grom Nathan Groff, who’s holding down asecond overall placing in the 2002 CASL season, is doing a demo forthe premiere of the Scooby-Doo movie in Hollywood with the Vansteam.

A Hollywood Hit

Hollywood Skateboards recently premiered theirpromo video at Hangar 18 skate shop in San Diego. Itfeatures a montage of top-notch skateboarding from teamridersKris Markovich, Dorian Tucker, Don Nguyen, KevinStaab, Richie Belton, Justin Roy, Brad Hiser, CharlieThomas, and friends. With some of the best footage in thevideo, Thomas’ stuff is particularly noteworthy. Even more brilliantis the fact that Thomas is the team manager. So great skateboardingalong with Hollywood antics, nightlife, and their general high jinkswill be available for your viewing pleasure at your local shop inabout two weeks. By the way, Don “The Nuge” Nguyen just turnedpro and has a pro wheel on Pig out now. Check

The Hollywood team is cookin’–a barbecue that is. TheHollywood team is planning a California tour/barbecue tour topremiere their new video release. No confirmed dates or locationsare set yet. Recently, Kris Markovich held a get-togetherat his home in Los Angeles for a fashion shoot for Papermagazine. Kris is also working on shoe models for 88, a new shoecompany through Alias Distribution.

Skateboard Coaching Down Under

Aussie skater Michael Mulhall has joined withthe Australian federal government to develop a coaching-accreditation program for skateboarding. The program, overseen bythe Australian Institute Of Sport in Canberra, will train skatersto teach the sport in a systematic and scientifically sound manner.”Once they do that, they (coaches) can get funding from the localcouncil or state, because you have to be accredited for that,” saysBrad Shaw of the Skateboard Association OfA

Mulhall wrote the skateboard-coaching program and wastrained by a general coaching team to be able to teach skaters howto be coaches themselves. Coaches will be accredited at variouslevels, level one being those who wish to teach basic skateboarding,and level two being those who can teach others to be coachesthemselves.

According to Shaw, the Australian government is keen ondeveloping a coaching program for skateboarding in part because itsoon expects skateboarding to be an Olympic sport. A third level ofcoaching is being considered to accredit those who are qualified tocoach at the Olympic level.

Australia already has a coaching structure in place forsurfing, and the skateboard-coaching program is partly based onthat. Mulhall has been traveling around the country to take hisprogram to the public. “At the moment they’re just (going) to majorcities and doing clinics,” says Shaw. “But a lot of kids come from thecountry to these big shows because they’re like state fairs. They’regetting a lot of the rural kids, and it’s all free, they can ride, andthey get coached.”

The overall goal, says Shaw, is to empower skaters all overthe country to build and maintain their own skate scenes. To thatend, he’s been working with Skate Australia, an organization thathas been successful promoting in-line and roller-hockey programsthroughout the country. Shaw hopes that the coaching system andlocal skate clubs will help to bring kids into the sport, allow them toorganize locally for events and contests, and create a funenvironment that keeps them involved with the sport for the longterm. “We’ve got so many public skateparks getting built, and it’sjust growing and growing,” he says. “According to the statistics,there are a lot of young skaters out there under the age of ten. Thegoal is to get them in early and make that lifestyle available for themwithout getting too intimidated.”

Let There Be New Companies

A new board company has popped up at Alias Distribution.Germ Skateboards is represented by pros TyroneOlson and Dave Coyne and ams Matt Brode, Tyler Moore, CodyBranin, and Brian Emmers. The team manager is none otherthan San Diego’s own Marcelle Johnson. Be on the lookoutfor the Get Dirty video coming soon, or you can check outtheir Web site at

Mekanism is a new skateboard company fromFrance under Radikal distribution. The pros are SamirKrim and Geoffroy Leblanc with ams Mathieu Levaslotand Bertrand Soubrier. The boards are made by Chapman inNew York and will be available in mid July.

World Wide Web

The female snow/surf/skate clothing brandNikita has a new Web site. Check out tofind out more about this interesting new brand from Iceland. Yes,Iceland.

Quiksilver is launching a new global Web site The new site will amalgamate the four existingcompany Web sites of Quiksilver Australia, Quiksilver Europe,Quiksilver U.S.A., and Quiksilver International. The new site isdesigned by graphic guru and former TransWorld SKATEboarding ArtDirector David Carson.

Strategic Partnerships

Navigator Trucks has picked up several newdistributors, including Eastern Skateboard Supply in theU.S. and several internationally. Navigator has also introduced asuperior grade of bushings under the Navigator brand. They’reavailable in 85A, 90A, and 95A hardnesses. Riser pads will also beavailable in soft and hard.

Imperial Distribution recently announced ithas come to a partnership agreement with Quattro WheelCompany. Formed by Dave Santonil, Quattro WheelCo. is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California, and boasts riderslike Marc Johnson and Kenny Anderson. Quattro’sdistribution and sales will be done out of Imperial’s San Diegooffice.

San Diego’s Mad Media will be directing andcoordinating this summer’s Aftermath Tour. Claiming to be thebiggest skateboard tour ever, Mad Media locked down some bigsponsors like DVD Express and Virgin Records for giveaways ateach stop. It’ll also have Aftermath Tour music samplers for thetaking.

TARE 7, Shah Safari, and Alphanumeric haveall partnered up to benefit from each other’s resources. Here’s thebreakdown: TARE 7 will license and develop a new Alphanumericfootwear line to debut for the back-to-school 2003 season. Inreturn, Shah Safari will enter into a joint venture with T7 and beresponsible for design, development, sourcing, and production ofthe skate, lifestyle, and snow outerwear apparel lines for TARE 7’sflagship Airwalk brand.

Calling It Quits And Getting The Boot

Daewon Song has left Deca and is anofficial free agent. Fellow heavy-hitter Kenny Hughes hasquit the DC team. At Flip skateboards, longtimeteam am and Canadian Andrew Gordon has quit the teamand is currently getting boards from Blind. Inunemployment news, Jesse Paez has been cut from theThink team, Scott Pazelt has been let go fromMaple, and Enrique Lorenzo is no longer on theLordz team. Last but not least, Charlie Wilkins hasalso been let go from the Maple team.

Corporate Roster Hops And Such

Over at Four Star Distribution, Jeff Osthushas become the vice president of sales for U.S.A., and DutchSchultz is the new national sales manager for winter brands.Reef announced Brett Ritter as the new directorof product creation, where he’ll oversee the product creationprocess from conception to final product. Besides handlingSkate One Magazine, Bones Bearings teammanager, photographer Erik Olsen has chosen to take onthe added responsibilities as the official PowellSkateboards team manager. Brian Garofalow, theex-PR representative for Sole Technology’s ThirtyTwobrand, is the new sales and PR manager at 411VM. TonyHeitz is the new team manager for Alien Workshop,Habitat, and Seek.

A couple of promotions over at GiantDistribution–Rima Romero is the new VP of sales, andHugh “Bod” Boyle has been promoted to general manager.

Savier has a new Midwest sales rep–Tom Crowe.He was a former sub rep for the Team Maxem rep agencythat represented Sole Tech and Da Kine.

Video Action Sports is pleased to announce theaddition of Colin Miller as new-products manager to itsgrowing team of professionals.

Mick Wallace has taken over as communitymanager for Board ISPO. He’ll be in charge of the skate, surf, andboard segments and corresponding interests of industry, commerce,and media.

Over at Freshjive, Long Island native Dave”Big D” Seltzer has filled the seat of team manager,marketing and promotions.

Jamie Thomas In Ireland And Rattray’s New Boards

One of Jamie Thomas‘ upcoming trips for thesummer is a seven-day mission/outreach/demo tour to Ireland withCalvary Chapel Churches. Check out fortimes, dates, and all the scheduled stops.

John Rattray’s first Zero boards havefinally hit the streets. He has two to choose from, The Stitches andGood Versus Evil. Also new from Blackbox Distribution is ZeroHardware.

Television And Videos

Congratulations to Bob Burnquist for winningthe 25,000-dollar grand prize at the Op King Of Skate premiere onJune 21 in Anaheim, California. The Op King Of Skate pay-per-viewspecial event premiered Friday, June 28, and for a cost of $19.95,viewers could watch 90 minutes of skateboarding in the first-everpay-per-view skateboarding television event on iN DEMAND.Burnquist competed with Tony Hawk, Eric Koston, Geoff Rowley,Mike Vallely, and Danny Way in the event. Each of the contestantscame up with a gnarly never-been-done-before trick they attemptedon air. Burnquist’s switch “loop of death” was a unanimous winamong the judges.

Poor Specimen’s Hallowed Groundwon ESPN Video Of The Year award. Begin
ning inSeptember, it’ll be available for sale to the masses at stores such asBest Buy and Sam Goody.

The One Fifty One skateboards video will bedone and in stores by the end of July. Pat Smith is slottedto be the company’s next pro. His pro models will be available inSeptember, in time for the Fall ASR show.

The new Think video Free At Last Part2, starring ams Alysson Castro, Danny Fuenzalida,and Sean Payne is finished and should be on store shelvesbefore you read this. And Think is giving it away for free. It’s about25 minutes long and won’t cost you a cent. It’s the second video inthe series. Next up is the Think Legends video.

Contrary to our last issue’s announcement about BlackLabel’s upcoming video being named Can’t Wait, it was actuallynamed Blackout. A misunderstanding was made, as Satva Leung’supcoming video is also called Blackout. Black Label’s video will beout by Christmas. We’re unsure as to who was first to name theirvideo Blackout.

It’s video madness over at Imperial Distribution.Maple, 151, and Judah all have videos due out this year.Satva Leung‘s Blackout video and Judah’s CD are out andcan be purchased at Kien Lieuhas been filming for the Pacific Drive video and will also bestarring in East Side, a movie by Kuang Lee about skaters in Asia.

Chicago’s Uprise Skateboard Shop has recently releasedwhat it claims is the first-ever Chicago video, Surprise. It featuresheaps of local talent as well as footage of VincenzoMarrocco and the Affiliate skateboards crew. Formore information, call (773) 342-7763.

Toy Machine will be releasing a promo videosometime in September, after its summer Sucking The Life Touris over. It’s been a while since the last video, and a lot has changed.So expect a lot of rail chomping and huge skateboarding stunts.Check out

To see the new Foundation skateboards JonWest Slasher deck commercial, directed and edited by Jonhimself, go to

Dyna-Match Paint System Eases Manufacturing Process

NCP Coatings has come out with an interesting paint-tinting system that may have some relevance to deck manufacturersand screen printers because it allows them to stock just a few basiccolors, but mix them into any tint. In their own words, “The Dyna-Match tint-mix system simplifies custom-paint purchasing,fulfillment, and color-formulation processes using just one set ofsixteen high-pigment loading tint pastes that cost-effectively allowsfor accurate color matching in a variety of bases.”

Director of the NCP Laboratories, Randy Terrill went onto explain, “With the conventional paints and coatings of ourcompetitors, there is one set of tints for urethanes, one for alkyds,one for epoxies, et cetera. As a result, it is unlikely to get accuratecolor matching for a job that requires multiple types of coatings.With the Dyna-Match tint-mix system, all of our bases areformulated to use the same tints in the same quantities to match aspecified color.” For more information, visit

World Industries To Launch New Goods At ASR

Be on the lookout as World Industries debuts someinteresting new products at the fall ASR San Diego this year,including the new World Industries Micro Tool, and the new WorldIndustries RicochetRatchet Skate Tool–a bullet-style ratchet skate tool complete withall components to retail at twenty dollars. Also check out the newWorld Industries Grind Rail. Get your grind on with this six-foot-longadjustable-height rail for only $99.95. Check your head with fournew helmet designs for fall. And last, but certainly not least, WorldIndustries will make its Spring ’03 shoe debut with five completelynew styles.

Reaching Climax

Tracker is once again making the infamous RaceTrack truck. For those who don’t remember these trucks the firsttime around, they were the truck for slalom racing. Now more thanfifteen years later they’re back. Two different turning geometriesare available. Also in Tracker news, Tracker is pleased to announcethe return of the infamous Tracker Six Track. These trucks shouldbe available at the ASR September show. The Six Track will have anincreased five-degree turning radius and also feature a cast-in axle.It’ll ship to retailers with an aluminum baseplate and six-holebaseplate pattern for both new- and old-school boards.

For holiday and Christmas sales, Tracker will offer retailersassorted sets of trucks that are blister packed with free stickers.This is handy for the self-servicing skate section in many of today’sstores. Also at the September ASR show, Tracker will introduce theirnew Superball formula cushions.

The Neighborhood team will be performingdemos in the Southern California area during the month ofSeptember. To schedule a demo, call Climax at 1-800-206-5280.

Other Things Going On —

Apparel-maker 1984 set out on a littleMidwest/East Coast tour in mid to late July with Tony Trujillo,Chet Childress, Neil Heddings, Al Partanen, John Ponts, JerryHaffner, Sam Hitz, Jub, Steve Nesser, Dave Carnie, ChrisNieratko, and Crazy Eddie. Look for a new video and theTony Trujillo-signature jean soon. 1984 also picked up JayAdams and Jason Acuna as its newest additions.

Believe it or not, Kevin Staab is going to be oneof the featured cooks and the cover boy in an athletes cookbookentitled X-treme Cuisine, by Robert Earl. The book features surf,skate, snowboard, and BMX professionals are featured in the book,including Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Jason Ellis, ColinMcKay, Kris Markovich, Willy Santos, and SteveCaballero. The book also features sections on etiquette, tablemanners, a barbecue section, trick tips, among others. The 226 pagefull-color hardback book being published by Harper-Collins will bereleased on October 1. Check out

Also, at A-42–Staab’s clothing company–teamriderJeff King is killing it with his own namesake rail company.Check out and

In Sessions News

On September 14 Sessions is holding theFourth-Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest at the VansSkatepark in Milpitas, California. For the fourth year in a row,skaters of all calibers of skill will be throwing down sick tricks inmemory of their late friend, Tim Brauch. This contest will continuethe format of previous years with the am street contest kicking itoff, followed by the open-bowl contest. Once again, Tim’s closestfriends will be judging the entire event. Tim loved skateboarding andloved to share it with people, so Sessions set up the Tim BrauchMemorial Skatepark Fund, a nonprofit fund set up to raisemoney for the construction of skateparks. This year has alsobrought up another cause that needs support. Ten percent of all themoney raised at the Tim Brauch contest will be given to the familyof fellow skateboarder Joe Lopes, who passed away a fewmonths ago, leaving a wife and five children. Like years past, thiscontest will be fun for all, and more importantly, will help a couplegreat causes.

Skatewave–The Company

Skatewave, manufacturer of modular skatepark systems,introduces the Skateparks 360 Seminar Series, an informativeand entertaining two-hour seminar that explores every aspect ofdeveloping and operating a successful skatepark. The sessionincludes valuable information based on actual installations fromskateparks across the country. Skateparks 360 provides skateparkdevelopers with practical and comprehensive information. For moreinformation, check out

The company also recently announced the launch of theSkatewave 2.0 modular skatepark system, a new generation ofskatepark equipment that uses PVC-coated twelve-gauge steel onobstacles. In addition to increased durability and weather resistance,the unique coating is formulated to significantly reduce noise.Skating surfaces offer a proprietary nonslip powder-coated finish,resulting in a superior ride, free from fasteners or screws. For moreinformation, conta
ct Skatewave at 1-866-SK8-WAVE

Skatewave welcomes Mike Taylor as its latestaddition to the West Coast sales team. Mike recently left PowellSkateboards to pursue his interest in the growth of skateparksports. He’s worked on over 100 skateparks, including the PowellSkate Zone in Santa Barbara, and Skate Street in Ventura. TheSkate Park Association Of The U.S.A. has recognized him withboth a lifetime-achievement award and excellence-in-design award.

Skatewave has also signed Andy Macdonald, who will befeatured in Skatewave advertising and communications, and willwork with Skatewave to promote the growth of skateparks incommunities across North America. Andy stated, “Together we?re ona mission to build skateparks in every North American town. Someday I hope to see a skatepark next to every municipal basketballcourt.”

Osiris Publishes Livewire Newsletter

The second edition of Osiris’ official newsletter,Livewire, is now available, and chock-full of information about newproducts and events, including team updates and interviews, tourinfo, video news, and new products. The full-color, magazine-stylemagalog is produced by Osiris’ marketing and Web developer HansMolenkamp, who says it will complement the company’s Web site asa way to get the word out about Osiris’ skate, surf, snow, BMX, andlifestyle programs. “Osiris is building a cleaner image, one that’s lesship-hop,” says Molenkamp. “This is delivering that message. Nowpeople can see that we’re not that hip-hop G-Bag company, and thatwe’re into a lot of stuff.”

To get a copy of Livewire or to see the company’s currentlines, check out

A follow-up video to Osiris’ The Storm will soon bereleased. The video will contain international footage of both newand veteran Osiris teamriders. The scheduled release date is Spring2003.

Osiris To Debut Signature Z-Boy Jay Adams Shoe

Heavily responsible for the roots of modern-dayskateboarding, Jay Adams has united with Osiris shoes to designhis own pro-model shoe.

In the late 70s through a majority of the 80s, Jay Adamsbecame a skateboarding icon for his impressive talent. Hailing fromthe Dogtown region of Venice Beach, California, Jay excelledskateboarding style both in form and life. With legendary sessions atnow-extinct spots like the “Dogbowl,” Marina skatepark, and the”Keyhole” in Del Mar, Jay would captivate skaters with his “no holdsbarred” style of skating. The conjunction between Adams and Osiriswill link skate past with skate present, collaborating old style withnew style.

With the advent of Adams’ new shoe, Osiris bigwigs TonyMagnusson, Brian Reid, and Dave Ross took a trip to Hawai’i tohang out and talk business with Jay. Once there, they took Jay on asurprise skydiving excursion. “It was the most insane thing I haveever done,” says Adams. Coming from him, that’s quite a statement.

The Jay Adams shoe will debut at the San Diego ASR tradeshow in September. For more information, check

Longest Air, And Then Some

On April 16 and 17, DC rider Danny Way managed tobreak another two world records–the first day for the longest air,and the next day Way set the record for highest air–both on thesame ramp.

Way set a new distance record of 65-feet after droppingdown a 49-foot-tall roll-in to launch off a jump ramp and onto alanding ramp; the landing ramp sloped down and into a twenty-foot-tall quarterpipe. The following day, Danny backside 360-ollied thegap, and then stretched out a backside air on the quarterpipe thatmeasured eighteen feet, three inches.

In other DC news, a visual section has been launched ontheir Web site. To see all the commercials and mini movies as well asall the other footage that has appeared on the site and on trade-show reels, go to

Philly’s Love Park is officially gone, but fortunately justbefore its demise, Josh Kalis and DC cinematographer Greg Huntwere able to film a DC commercial there that you should be seeingsoon. As for the fate of the Love Park area, Philadelphia’s FranklinsPaine organization is keeping up-to-date on what’s going on. To findout more, call Brian Nugent, at: (267) 971-8762.

Alias’ New Shoe Company

Alias Distribution will be launching its newest creation,88 Shoes, at ASR San Diego this September. Kris Markovich andEd Dominick are part owners. Markovich is also a part creativedirector and part shoe designer for the company. The team so far isKris Markovich, Kristian Svitak, Justin Strubing, and J.T.Aultz. More riders are planned for the future.

“I’d like to make every shoe we have a skateable shoe forall types of skateboarders. I don’t want it to be pigeonholed into anyone something,” says Markovich.

Asked how he plans to develop the team, Markovichstresses the importance of familiarizing the masses with theproduct. “I just want to get the shoes out there first,” he says. “Wealready have an idea of the riders we want. But we’re going to let theshoes come out and have a selection of them, and let people seethem.

“When people see the shoes and see the way the companyis going, they’ll be more into it,” says Markovich.

More Free Shoes!

Over at Savier, The Trade ‘Em Up Tour is back and onthe road again heading to the East Coat. The Tour will start withsome quick stops through California, Arizona, Vegas, Utah and thenhead to Vermont ending in Florida. All tour info and details can beviewed at

Staff Changes

At Osiris, former skateboard professional and industryicon Dave Andrecht has joined the Osiris sales team. Andrecht wasa well-known pro in the 70s and 80s, inventing the famous Andrechtplant, and then he became involved in the business side ofskateboarding. He’s worked with G & S, H-Street, Plan B, Type Asnowboards, and DuFFS shoes in the past. He will be heading up thekey account base for both the Osiris shoes and snowboard bootsbrand.

Aera shoes welcomes Paul Basset to its family as salesdirector for the U.S. and Canada.

Savier has a little corporate news, former Northwest SoleTech and Fourstar Clothing sales rep Tom Czahor has acceptedthe position of North American key account sales manager. He’ll beheading up the interaction of Savier with its image and volumeaccounts.

I Path has added some veterans to its domestic repforce–Kimo Harrison to cover New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, andWyoming, and Russ Marchan to cover Hawai’i, Guam, and Saipan. IPath has also hired shoe-industry veteran James Moodhe as COO.He has worked closely with I Path as a consultant over the last threeyears. Jim’s history in athletic footwear dates back to 1971, as afounding member of Nike Inc. where he developed domestic andinternational sales programs. He has also served has vice presidentof sales for both K-Swiss and LA Gear Inc.

I Path also has a new, professional warehouse-basedcustomer-service team ready to handle your