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Biz Buzz

Genetic Shoe Program Reorganized

Last issue we erroneously reported that Bucky Lasekand other Genetic pros were joining theAirwalk shoe team. Several Airwalk team members haveactually joined Genetic, which has been reorganized as a brandunder the Airwalk skateboarding program. Airwalk is a subsidiary ofTare7, an action-sports footwear and apparel companywhose portfolio also includes the Ripzone andAlphanumeric brands.

The Genetic Elite Skateboarding Program ByAirwalk will be the company’s ‘core skate-shoe program,allowing the Airwalk brand to develop its multisport approach, aswell as its Classics and Etura casual collections.Airwalk will keep Andy Macdonald, JohnComer, and Dave Hupp on its skate team, whileJesse Paez and other former Airwalk skaters are now partof the Genetic Elite Program, joining pros Lasek and PatChannita and ams Alysson Castro, MicahHollinger, Nick Jojola, and Jerry Smyth.”We’re making sure the right people are on Genetic, and the rightpeople are on Airwalk, depending on which audience they reach,”says Rob Dotson, Tare7’s skate-program manager.

As a division of Airwalk, the Genetic Elite Program will havemore money available to it, and Dotson says he can now afford tohire a bigger team and fund other promotional programs for thebrand. He hopes shops will continue to identify Genetic as a skate-specific brand whose distribution is limited to ‘core-skate shops,and a company that builds quality and value into its products. Partof the reorganization will include an expanded print-ad campaign,P.O.P. programs, as well as in-store team appearances.

Rough On The Industry

New company, Rough Riders, plans to beginopening 17,000-square-foot Action Sport Center superstores thatare described as “category-killing” multichannel retailers for thecurrently fragmented twelve-billion dollar action-sports industry.Matt Levenson and Jeff Lawson are thefounders, and they go on to explain, “Shoppers must currently settlefor limited selection and high prices at tiny ‘mom and pop’ shops, orgeneric inventory and unknowledgeable sales staff at large generalmerchandisers.” The first store will open in Los Angeles and willhave snowboard simulators and halfpipes in-store for customers totest out demo product. They plan to have in-store appearances anddemos by pros and live concerts on the weekends. They’ve alreadyclaimed Bob Burnquist, Tara Dakides, andMike Metzger as riders.

Blockhead Revived

The Blockhead videos are almost remastered and will bereleased in September along with four classic board graphics andone new one by Ron Cameron. The videos will be sold inbox sets of two. Splendid Eye Torture andAdventures in Cheese in one box,Recycled Rubbish and Debbie DoesBlockhead, in the other. DVD versions will also includetrade-show videos and the final Blockhead video, GirlTrouble. For more information, e-mail DaveBergthold at

Kona Revisited

That’s right, the world famous Kona Skateparkwill soon be as good as new, thanks to Martin Ramos. Hepurchased the park in May with the help of Jen O’Brien.Candy Hiler will be running the newly remodeled facility.Team Payne is currently working on plans for new poolsand bowls to replace the ones torn down. It will be open by the timeyou read this with the nine-foot bowl, an all new clubhouse with aretail store and restaurant, and a 12,000-square-foot street course.”Tim Payne and I are going back and forth on design,” saysRamos. “I want to rebuild the peanut and clover bowls and makethem badass. Tim wants to get kind of crazy with some reallyadvanced designs. I think it will end up somewhere in between. Oldparks don’t die-they get rebuilt!”

Video Madness

By the time you read this, 151 should have itsnew video No Idols on store shelves. Also fromImperial Distribution, Judah is working on itsMindtrix vid. Jon Comer‘s independentdocumentary is currently in the postproduction stage, and has atentative completion date of September 15. The working title,A Skate Of Mind, has been changed toNever Been Done. The movie will tell the story ofJon’s life and how he overcame tragedy to become a professionalskateboarder. It will include interviews with Steve Caballero, TonyHawk, and Mike Vallely, in addition to his family, friends, and fans.

For fans of the Dogtown and Z-Boysmovie, the Land Down Under has a new documentary of its own.Whyte House Productions’ Tic Tac To Heelflipis the definitive history of Australia’s skateboarding historyas told by their best skateboarders. From its invention in the 60s topresent day, Australia’s scene has somewhat mirrored whathappened Stateside but with their own unique Aussie flavor.Mike Hill directed this video that includes skateboardingand interviews with everyone from Lee Ralph andGregor Rankine to the Pappas brothers andDustin Dollin.

MASEV Brings World Cup To Canada

MASEV Communications Inc. , a NorthAmerican experiential youth lifestyle marketing organization, hasreceived sanctioning from World Cup Skateboarding toproduce a World Cup event in Metro Toronto at Mississauga’sHershey Arena on October 11-12. It will be the largest skateboardevent ever held in Central and Eastern Canada complete with street,vert, best-trick, and girls’ comps. DJs and bands will perform duringthis two-day event that boasts a 70,000 dollar prize purse-therichest prize ever offered for a skateboard event in Ontario. for more details.

Dirty Ghetto Distribution

Professional skateboarder Stevie Williams andhis Gold Wheels partner Eli Soto have created anew skateboard and video-production company called DGKProductions. After the advent of Gold Wheels, the two wantedto do more in the way of boards and videos with their urban/streetstate of mind. Currently the DGK team consists of Stevie Williams,Marcus McBride, Henry Sanchez, and JeremyHolmes.

Williams and Soto, along with Troy Morgan fromExpedition One Inc. , have created KAYODistribution. “We wanted to team up with someone inskateboarding who is familiar with manufacturing and productdesign,” says Soto. “Troy is a perfect fit for us and he understandswhat we want to accomplish.” KAYO Distribution will house DGK,Gold Wheels, Organika, and Expedition One SkateboardProducts.

Tum Euro

Tum Yeto has partnered with European companyStealth Marketing to create Tum Yeto EU,headquartered in London and covering the entire European Union.This entity will be an extension of the Tum Yeto marketing andmanagement team.

Stealth Marketing is a new company headed up bylongtime skateboard enthusiast Robert Hourmont.Together, their goal is to create an international alliance to makethe most of what Tum Yeto and its brands have to offer. Thepartnership promises better communication, marketing, margins,terms, and shipping, and ultimately better sales for retailers. StealthMarketing will eventually become a primary contact for planning,marketing, pricing and sales.

Stealth Marketing and Tum Yeto are in the process ofbuilding a marketing plan and activities that will include, amongother things, a European-specific clothing line for each brand andexpanded Foundation and Toy Machine tours.

A Blueprint Of The UK

Along with releasing a slew of new pro decks from theUK’s highest-selling board company, Blueprint will beoffering their new narrow profile Diet mold wheels.

Octagon, The British wheel company affiliated
with Blueprint, is using new cores that will form exceptional bondswith the urethane, thus eliminating de-coring of cored wheels. TheseOctacore wheels will feature HiOctane advanced urethane chemistrywith custom-made Octacores.

Imperial No Longer

After eight years, Imperial Distribution will beclosing its doors later this year and will no longer be marketing ordistributing Maple, Dynasty, 151, Judah, orQuattro. The brands themselves are currently in theprocess of finalizing alternative distributors and announcements willbe made in the future with regards to their future new homes.

Imperial will be selling inventory for all the brands inorder to make it easier for each of them to move on. All questionscan be directed to or by callingImperial at (619) 233-3334.

Corporate Roster Hops

Matt Sharkey is now team managingConsolidated, the most loyal team in skateboarding.Smith Sport Optics has added staff and restructured thecompany’s Costa Mesa, California office. Julie Gormick,formerly the Smith rep for Los Angeles and Orange County, willoversee all Southern California accounts and is joined by new hiresMatt Walls, Doug Bury, and Brett Hillyard.Walls will handle all Los Angeles accounts, Bury will overseeaccounts in San Diego and Big Bear, and Hillyard will fill the positionof Southern California sales assistant. GlobeInternational has hired four new people in its marketingdepartment. Tim Garrett and Eddie Anaya (formerly of McElroy Communications), CaryAllington (former marketing director at Vans), andShaun Burrell (an ex-pro surfer) all join the Globe team,which also includes Kelley Peery, who together will keepthe Globe juggernaut cruising. Last but not least, WaltLacey is the new Savier rep for Colorado.

Odds And Ends

New from Core Distribution is DarksideGriptape, an exclusive new formula that allows for the rightamount of grip and long wear. A pro team is in the works, with amsalready having subjected the tape to extensive testing.

Pro-Tec has a few new products on the marketthese days-newly designed Ramp Knees for all you vert dogs, newKnee Re-Caps for your worn out knee pads, and new Black/RedStreet Pads.

The Essential Disturbance is an art show thatwill run from October 3 to November 10 at the Palais De Tokyo inParis, showcasing the work of one Ed Templeton. Therewill be a 100-page book of Ed’s photographs to accompany theexhibition, called The Golden Age Of Neglect.Smell a collector’s item? If in Paris, get directions

The Freshjive Mike York doll will soon have aplaymate, because Gino Iannucci‘s seditionary actionfigure is slated to be out in time for the Girl/Chocolatevideo. Freshjive continues to exhibit its Tony Alva Mad DogChronicles art show and will be in the SOHO area of New Yorkon or around November 16, 2002. These shows have been bringingin over 800 people at each of the events in L.A., Japan, and London.

At Ocean Avenue, Jim Harvest has beenpromoted to operations manager, giving President and CEOBruce Walker a little more time in his busy schedule. Thisyear Bruce has been inducted into the East Coast Surf Legends HallOf Fame, Thrasher Magazine Skateboarding Hall Of Fame, and theFlorida Skateboarding Hall Of Fame. Fifty years old and in demand,Bruce has a current interview at about all thebuzz.

Shoe Box

Euro Shoe News

New French shoe company Link Footwear hastwo big name pros-Frenchman JB Gillet and AmericanMarcus McBride. DVS Europe has signedLuy-Pa Sinwhile DC Europe nabbedStephane Larance. Other French shoe company,Aeon, lists Florentin Marfaing, HenningBraaten, Alex Carolino, and Franck Barattieroas its squad.

Oh, Osiris

The highly anticipated Jay Adams shoe will beshipping for Holiday 2002. Additionally, Jay received a spot on theOsiris surf team; he’ll have a part in the upcoming Osiris surf video,Elevators. Osiris has also hired Rey Gregorio as a new clothingdesigner.

Vision of the Future

The Vision Street Wear Duane Peters Master ofDisasterpro model shoe is out now. Duane had a lot ofcompanies hitting him up to do a shoe, but Vision let him design itfrom the ground up with his own ideas and punk-rock style. Get asneak preview at

Continuing with its punk-rock influenced Retro Revolution,Vision Street Wear Shoes and Vision Skateboards hookedup with The Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana California for theinaugural Punk Rock Barbecue. It was the first in a new series ofdemos, concerts, and barbeques that Vision will be doing all acrossthe United States, featuring its mobile mini ramp and street course,and pro and am skateboard teams. The first Punk Rock Barbecuefeatured the music of Monster Trux, The Skulls, The Stiches, ElCentro, Co-Dependents, Headborded, El Nada, Drain Bramaged, andUnit F. For information on booking a Punk Rock Barbecue in yourhometown, call Big Mike at (949) 722-8556 ext. 781.

Vision pro Tas Pappas has a new metal band,Gudamunkas, and a new shoe, the T-3, out now and availablethrough Select Distribution.

Roster Hops

Chad Bartie Bones Wheels
Steve Caballero Sessions
Chet Childress 6 Guns
Mike Crum Darkstar Wheels
Dan Drehobl Krooked
Cairo Foster Populis
Alex Gall Emerica
JB Gillet Link Footwear
Rob Gonzales Populis
Frank Hirata Tensor
Daxter Lussier Puma
Dave Mayhew Mix Tape Griptape
Marcus McBride DGK
Anthony Mosley Krux
Ricky Oyola Drop Backpacks
Jesse Paez Consolidated
Kenny Reed Populis
Paul Rodriguez Girl
Henry Sanchez DGK
Chad Tim Tim Populis

Brandon Biebel Matix
Alex Carolino Seek, Aeon Footwear
Adam Crew Populis
Chris Dobstaff Darkstar Wheels
John Erickson Spirit Skateboards, Manik Wheels
Clark Hassler Freshjive
Jeremy Holmes DGK
Terry Kennedy Mix Tape Griptape
Nich Kunz Spirit Skateboards
Josh Mohs I Path, Manik Wheels
Raymond Molinar Populis
Marty Murawski Darkstar Wheels
Dylan Rieder Osiris
Casey Rigney Osiris
Mike Taylor Royal Trucks
Van Wastell Drop Backpacks
Cooper Wilt Darkstar Wheels
Andrew Wolbach Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings
Aaron Yeager Freshjive