Biz Buzz

Corporate Roster Hops

Nikita rep Denise Arnett has expanded her territory to cover the Rocky Mountain region. Mary Dang will be repping Nikita in Hawai’i, while Christy Metzger and Sara Lindsay are the new reps in the Midwest.

Caroline May joins Gallaz as sales manager for the U.S. and Canada.

Smith Sport Optics has hired Christine Gould to fill the position of marketing resource manager in the company’s Ketchum, Idaho headquarters.

At Podium, Mike Mechling is the new sales rep for both Orange County and San Diego. Mike will also continue his duties servicing the San Diego counties with DVS Shoes and Lakai Footwear. Tom Winchell, OG DVS, Lakai, and Matix rep from L.A., will be handling the state of Arizona for all three brands.

Ex-TransWorld darkroom technician, underrated photographer, and all-around shralper Pedrick “The Entertainer” Urtz is now the team captain at ATM.

Osiris has two new staff additions: Sales Manager Henry Hester and Clothing Designer David McKinney.

Accel. wheels has hired Billy Deans as head of domestic and international distributor sales. Billy also handles West Coast accounts.

Jim Waataja and Anthony Mandich, the duo running TSA clothing, have also taken over the reins of November clothing and Apollo MDSE, and have quite an impressive new team lined up.

Video Madness And The DVD Revolution

Our favorite French companies Lordz and Square are coming out with a full-length film titled They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us, featuring Bastien Salabanzi, Baptiste Myzor, Florentin Marfaing, JB Gillet, William Phan, Alex Carolino, Luy-Pa Sin, Thibaud Fradin, Franck Barattiero, Stefan Bircher, Stephane Larance, Henning Braaten, Alexis Jauzion, and many others.

Digital All-Stars is available now. It’s a best-of two-DVD set-newly edited and without commercials featuring Mark Appleyard, Paul Machnau, Chris Cole, and Billy Marks, among others.

For all fans of the EMB crew, FTC is rereleasing its three video classics on DVD that will include tons of never-before-seen footage of EMB in all its early-90s glory.

On a related note, Skate One will be rereleasing The Search For Animal Chin on DVD; it will also include bonus footage.

The Cliché team has been touring Asia, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with “French” Fred Mortagne for their new video that’s expected around Christmas.

Satva Leung is working on an independent video series called Streets. The first video will showcase San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. The video is set to release in May.

Aesthetics’ riders Rob Welsh and Kevin Taylor are busy filming for their upcoming TransWorld video part. The video is called Free Your Mind and will also feature Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, and Darrel Stanton. Aesthetics’ newly revised Web site,, is up and running, and features the controversial “Baby Mama” series board graphics that have been banned by numerous major skate shops.

Charlie Thomas, who is now the skate-team manager for Hurley, called us warning to be on the lookout for a top-secret project from Hurley called Transmission Japan. No other details were given.

The new Toy Machine tour video should be in shops now. It highlights the Sucking The Life tour from Summer 2002, complete with BB guns, firecrackers, and general bad behavior you’ve come to expect from Ed Templeton and the boys.

Video Action Sports will be releasing Laban Pheidias and Wee Man’s new video American Misfits. Featuring Kris Markovich and the Hollywood team, as well as tons of pranks, skits, and chaos, it should be out around April Fool’s Day.

Chlorine, a backyard-pool-skating documentary-also being released by VAS-features never-before-released songs from DEVO and the skating of Steve Alba, Dave Reul, Brian Patch, Sam Hitz, Omar Hassan, Darrell Delgado, Steve Olson, Dave Hackett, Tony Alva, Lance Mountain, and many more.

Krooked Dealings?

With enjoi rumors spreading like wildfire throughout the skate industry, subsequent rumors have surfaced as to where the team will land, the most prominent places Brad Staba on Gonz’s Krooked roster. Deluxe Promotions Manager Matt Newton denied any such claim, at least for the moment. “The official Krooked roster,” Newton begins, “is Mark (Gonzales) and Dan (Drehobl) as the pros, and Van Wastell and Bobby Woorst as the amateurs. The guest boards we have done are with Donny Barley and Alex Gall, with a Christian Hosoi board coming out soon.” When asked about the coveted P.J. Ladd guest board, Newton replied: “We’ve talked about it, but nothing’s certain yet.”

Groundbreaking Groundbreaking

Saturday, March 1 saw the groundbreaking of the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. Sole Tech professionals Arto Saari and Eric Koston had a hand in the design, in addition to many other éS, Etnies, and Emerica skaters. The park is a collaboration between Sole Technology President Pierre Andre and Lake Forest Mayor Richard Dixon.

The day began when Andre and Mayor Dixon shoveled some dirt in the 40,000-square-foot location. After the ground was broken, everyone went up the hill to the Sole Technology parking lot for a demo and raffle. All the proceeds from the raffle went to help fund the skatepark. After speeches from Andre and Mayor Dixon, the Etnies team demoed the portable mini ramp for all who attended.The skatepark will be free to skate, and skaters eighteen and over will only be required to wear a helmet. The park will be lit up at night, and construction should be completed by October 2003.

New Companies

Transport is a new company that has spawned from the Savier bag and pack category. The Transport division will focus on packs and bags with versatility, innovation, and technology in mind.

KR3W is the new clothing company owned by Angel Cabada and Evan Hernandez. One Distribution will be handling sales and operations. The KR3W team roster is Evan Hernandez, Anthony Mosley, Andrew Reynolds, Tom Penny, Erik Ellington, Trainwreck, Ali Boulala, and Greg Myers.

More SKATEing

In the footsteps of éS shoes, Ron Chatman and YO Watts hosted their own game of SKATE in Watts, California on February 8. Elemental Awareness cosponsored the event in which the winner received a trip to Visalia YMCA Skate Camp. Runners-up got new completes. Devon Kashmir ended up victorious. All entrants were youths from Watts and surrounding communities.

Want A Skatepark? Shop Around!

January 28 and 29, 2003 saw the first annual Launch! skatepark convention at San Diego’s Convention Center. Launch! is a convention for skatepark contractors and developers to display their talents and possibly pick up clients, and it’s a good opportunity for cities and towns that want skateparks to “shop around” and find the right developer.

Skatepark magazine’s Mike Harris and Mitch Brian are responsible for putting the show together. SPAUSA Founder Heidi Lemmon held seminars for parks and recreation directors about how to get financing for a skatepark and a press conference with IASC members and guest celebrities Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman.

The Premise Intelligence Agency organized the skating, which included best trick on vert and street, and all-girl contests. The street course was built with a very pragmatic approach: each vendor (save for the concrete vendors) supplied a certain number of obstacles, allowing attendees to see not only what obstacles were popular, but what materials were available as well.

The reason behind the show was, in short, to educate cities about what constitutes a good skatepark and how to get one in your area. Premise’s Kristine Zucchetti says, “It’s not always possible to avoid a poor park design, but we can certainly play a role in reducing them.”

Following the convention, an art show was held at Premise’s San Diego headquarters. Many of the artists were skateboarders themselves, including Volcom’s Matt Dove and Tum Yeto’s Chris Larsen. Proceeds from the art show went to purchase
rebar for San Diego’s own Washington Street Skatepark.

For more information about the event, go to

If The Hat Fits, Patent It

Yupoong, Inc., manufacturer of Flexfit caps, has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against H & C Headwear, Inc. for their new line of “NU-FIT” baseball caps.

In its complaint, Yupoong seeks damages for H & C’s infringement, an injunction against sales of NU-FIT caps in the United States, and a recall of all infringement caps shipped to distributors and retailers.

Vans Triple Crown

Vans announced the complete schedule for the 2003 Vans Triple Crown Series. Highlights in this year’s schedule include first-time stops in the New York City metro area, New Orleans, and Minneapolis. All events will be telecast on either NBC Sports or FOX Sports Net as part of the networks’ coverage of the series. The Vans Triple Crown Series features eighteen championship events in six sports and boasts the largest prize purse in ‘core sports history at more than two-million dollars annually. Top names competing in the Vans Triple Crown Series this year include Geoff Rowley, Bob Burnquist, and Eric Koston. Visit for more information.

Odds And Ends

Overboard Enterprises of San Diego announces the addition of Consolidated, Blueprint, Fury, and Autobahn to the list of skateboard brands and videos that they distribute.

After Steve Caballero finished nineteenth at the Celebrity Motocross event held in Anaheim, California. He was offered an ambassador sponsorship deal with Honda. In other Cab news, he also has his Bandology (a compilation of all the bands Cab has played in for the past twenty years) record out on Sessions Records. In Powell’s classic video Ban This, Cab is seen riding a silver-background, blue/green-dragon graphic, a colorway that was never released-the colors were changed to the dark-background, red/orange dragon everyone had. Well, now you can own the color scheme only seen in the video thanks to Powell’s limited rerelease. A Mike McGill rerelease is in the works.

The United Skateboarding Association has posted the schedule for the 2003 Beast Of The East contest series on its Web site, Last year’s champ was Andrew Cannon.

Contrary to what some magazines have printed, Orion trucks is still in business and is offering the same trucks with a new Teflon coating, new colors, and new U.S.R. (urban street reactor) bushings.

Accel. is now the first wheel company to guarantee its wheelsagainst flatspots. It’s also launched a new all-white wheel formula. The company invites calls to Speak Distribution with any inquiries: (714) 903-9745.

More than a pro skater and owner of Toy Machine, Ed Templeton is also a world-respected artist who is passionate about reducing animal suffering in any way he can. To help get the word out about synthetic shoes, Ed drew a sticker just for PETA. Go to and find out how you can get one for yourself.

New Element pro Jake Rupp and longtime girlfriend Beth just had a healthy baby girl, Kaya. Congratulations to Jake and Beth on the first Element baby ever. Supernaut pro Matt Pailes and wife Margarita are also expecting their first baby, a boy to be named Emanuel. Cheers.