Block Hotel’s Room Sponsorships

South Lake Tahoe, CA – Spy Optics, Northwave and TechnineBindings have agreed with the BLOCK HOTEL- Lake Tahoe to sponsor and designtheir own unique rooms at the new snowboarders hotel. Terms of roomsponsorship include décor, amenities, case goods and colors that representeach companys unique sense of style and action. Hurley, Red Bull, X Box arecurrently in negotiations to obtain the last remaining spots.

The hotel plans to allow 10 companies total to create their own unique roomsso that customers can experience brands that they are familiar with in themost intimate setting allowed. Nothing is more personal than gettingundressed and laying in someone’s room and thats what the customers will bedoingthe customer benefits because the rooms will be unlike any hotel roomsthey have ever been in, the company will benefit from a more personalrelationship and the hotel will benefit from an increase experience levelfor our clients says Liko S. Smith, Managing Partner. However, there willbe no selling,..its simply a way to make our customers feel comfortable; inother words there will be no product posters or catalogues in the rooms;just a good experience, Marc and I have a vision of 10 unique rooms thatspeak to snowboarders and their needs without pushing them to purchase itsa long term approach. 15,000 people per year come through the hotel, thesponsor will definitely be remembered, especially if the room in memorable;its all about word of mouth he says. Professional Snowboarder Marc FrankMontoya is founder of the hotel.

These are the companies that know what’s hot….the hotel is doing greatand were just getting started.. says Marc Frank Montoya Its going to besick he says.

There is no cost of sponsorship outside of materials and labor. Interestedsponsors can send a written request to Sponsors willbe chosen on criteria such as 1.Fit or position within the snowboard market2. Design concepts or renderings 3. Charitable giving or involvement.

The BLOCK was created by Professional Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya andveteran Hotelier Liko S. Smith a former vice president with PVI Hotel Group.The BLOCK is a 28 room boutique hotel with two second story decks withexterior music, a rooftop hot tub, free high speed access and terminals. Inroom amenities include cordless phones, CD players, DVD/game consoles andcoffee makers as well as room service. Known for its excellent service, theBLOCK is located directly across from Harveys and Harrahs Casinos in LakeTahoe and one block from Heavenly Village and Gondola, as well as directlyadjacent to the incoming convention center scheduled to open in 2005.Reservations can be made by calling 1.888.544.4055 or online or Email is