Boardsports Inc. 20th Anniversary Celebration

Boardsports Inc. 20th Anniversary Celebration

Monday, October 10th at the McDonald Theatre

Doors open at 7:00 pm

All ages show!!!

Free ticket with any $10 minimum purchase from Boardsports (one per customer,first 300 customers) or $5 advance, $6 day of show. A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross to help hurricane victims.

Remember when “New Coke” was introduced and then flopped. Then Coke Classic was brought back. President Reagan started his second term in office. Wrestlemania 1 with Hulk Hogan debuted at Madison Square Garden. Your hair
was spiky and your jeans were pegged. Music seemed to require a keyboard and
synthesizer. Madonna was “Like a Virgin”. The year was 1985 and one other
item of monumental proportions occurred: The birth of Boardsports Inc.

We are proud to announce the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Boardsports Inc.
This mind-blowing movie event will be held October 10, 2005 at the McDonald

We will be showing the snowboard films, Defective Films “Derelictica”,
Misschief Films “As If!”, and DC’s MTN.LAB. We will also be showing the world
premiere of Casado/Boardsports Productions “SHOPSUEY”, the Boardsports skate
team video!

Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC snowboard pros will be in attendance and will be
signing autographs. Those in attendance include: Todd Richards, Travis Rice,
Travis Parker, Bjorn Lienes, Robbie Sell, JF Pelchat, Eddie Wall, Simon
Chamberlain, Hampus Mosesson, Devun Walsh, Jessica Dalpiaz, Erin Comstock,
Alexis Waite, and more….

The Brothers of Beat will be spinning 80’s music all night long!

Its 1985 all over again… “Dress to Impress 80’s Style”! That’s right, we
will be giving away snowboards, outerwear, goggles, etc. to those who have the
best 80