Boardsports Industry Rallies For Tsunami Relief Effort

As aid for the Sumatran tsunami reaches into the billions of dollars worldwide, the boardsports industry has been working overtime to organize its own fundraising efforts. With many apparel companies pledging six-figure donations as well as plenty of private-party contributions flowing in, the surfing world is uniting in what will likely be the single biggest fundraising event in the history of the industry.

Soon after reports began streaming in about the violent earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Indonesia, many industry organizations, including both the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and Surf Aid International, found their phones ringing nonstop with questions and offers of aid contributions. A short time later at the January Surf Expo show in Orlando, Florida, representatives from various industry companies as well as SIMA, BRA, SAI, Surf Expo, and ASR met to plan out a unified and coordinated fundraising effort with the proceeds going toward Surf Aid International.