Boardsports Retail Meets Academia

Muir Surf & Sport opened on September 17 on the University of California San Diego {UCSD} as the first surf/skate/snow shop to appear on a college campus in the continental U.S. Spanning only 500 square feet, Muir Surf & Sport is a modest store. Two bright orange swivel chairs sit in front of a long rack of Billabong wetsuits. They divide the Jeff Clark, South Coast, Phase One, and Linden surfboards leaning against a homemade rack from a row of Gravity and Sector Nine skateboards. The blue and green walls frame various glass cases filled with Freestyle watches and eyewear from Electric, Dragon, Von Zipper, and more.

The store may be on the smaller side, but the concept is not. Owner Scott Lembach is a self-proclaimed salesman and has endless energy and enthusiasm. He was introduced to the right people within the UC system, and it wasn