Bob Klein Forms BK Sports

BK Sports is an athlete management business, making the transition from stealth to the public eye. Founded by Bob Klein, BK Sports is ready to help athletes in the action sports category. Bob is one of the pioneers of snowboarding and has had an extensive career with many different job titles over the past 20 years. He has negotiated contracts in snowboarding for some of the biggest names including Terry Kidwell and Shaun Palmer.

“I have always done it (representing athletes) as a hobby and for my friends. I realized I really like doing this type of work and there is an obvious need for it in today’s action sports climate, so I decided to make it my full time focus.”

In the action sports world, athlete representation is becoming an important piece of the industry, as proven by the recent addition of numerous agencies. “With my experience in the snowboard industry, I don’t think any agency can match what I have done and can do.”

Klein started snowboarding in 1978 and went on to a pro career, lasting until 1990. He made the transition into the business side of the industry in 1985 opening Sessions Snowboard Shop in Denver, CO with partner Joel Gomez. Bob also worked as North American Technical Delegate for the World Cup in 1989. In 1990, he began working on the supply side of the business, as sales manager for Apocalypse Snowboards until 1991 when Bob made another move to sales rep in Northern California for Santa Cruz Snowboards.

In 1994, Klein again switched jobs, this time to start Palmer Snowboards with friend and client Shaun Palmer. Bob’s role at Palmer spanned all duties from warehouse manager to team manager to sales manager, and everything in between.

“I have a wife and two kids, and working for Palmer Snowboards became very consuming in terms of time away from my family. I just did not want to miss out on my kids growing up and the fun that goes with that. With BK Sports, I feel I have great connections in and outside the industry, and the time is right for me to go out on my own. I have credibility in the industry, and I think the riders can relate to me because I have experienced a lot of the same things they are going through currently.”

Working as Shaun Palmer’s agent for the past 12 years is a nice addition to the resume. “Many agents out there just don’t have the basic understanding of the snowboard culture. I can relate because I have been riding for over 20 years and I can appreciate an athlete who will make decisions based on maintaining their image. Image is something the corporate world is just starting to grasp and I think they (the corporate world) really could use some guidance.”

There is very limited knowledge of the true history of action sports and how a global corporation can capitalize in this niche, without losing the core opinion leader base they so desperately need for credibility, within their brand. BK Sports has experience in so many aspects of action sports, it is only natural to offer the services for athletes. “After years of doing it for fun, I can now roll up my sleeves and take it seriously.”

Since Bob Klein started negotiating in 1988, he has put together more than $5 million in endorsement contracts. BK Sports’ clients include snowboarders April Lawyer, Terry Kidwell, Jason Borgstede, Elan Bushell, Zach Diamond, Mark Schulz, Brandon Stieg, and Matt Shrive. Skiers Brad Holmes and JT Holmes. Mt. Bikers April Lawyer, Kirt Voreis and Colin Bailey. BK Sports also represents former pro and current media personality Kris Jamieson. You can reach BK Sports at 775-787-0134 or