BroForm Turns 100

(Newport Beach, CA) – After only 2 months officially “online,” has already activated over 100 suppliers on their “business-to-influencer” website. Thousands of products are represented in a wide array of categories toqualified members of the action and outdoor sports industry, and newsupplier and buyer applications continue to pour in daily.

BroForm supplier Greg Demopoulos of Sun Ringle’ Racing states, “We’ve received a couple of orders now and my guys are dialing it in. I’m getting ready to place an order on the site as well. It’s simply amazing, the ease of use and the gratification of a qualified order coming in without having to do anything are the reasons why this program is so appealing to me. I’m glad I jumped on board and took the chance in the early stages with you guys.”

Demopoulos’s comments echo’s one of BroForm’s primary missions; to give suppliers a powerful sales & marketing tool for supporting and obtaining new influential brand supporters across multiple markets, but without any addeddrain on internal resources. 

In fact many suppliers, such as Flow’s Craig Wilson, have taken full advantage of BroForm’s services by directing all proform sales requests through BroForm, substantially freeing up sales and customer service staff resources to focus on the core business. 

“Broform has dramatically reduced the processing time for Flow pro form orders. They have minimized the abuse of our program and have saved us countless hours of valuable customer service time. We’re hooked!” states Wilson.

“Industry buyers are stoked,” remarks BroForm founder and President John Telfer, “to be getting hooked up on deals for their gear without having to track down or bother a proform contact.”

Winter gear sales, including snowboards, skis, boots, outerwear and accessories, have been extremely busy on the site, and products from every category have been moving well. Thisincludes eyewear, clothing, skateboards, watches, footwear, videos, bicycleproducts, wetsuits, and even surfboards.

Recent additions to BroForms list of suppliers include Raichle and DeeLux Boots, ProTec helmets, Diakka Watches, Ocean & Earth Surf Accessories, Swiss Army Watches and Knives, Line Skis, Flow Boots & Bindings, Riot Kayaks, Motorola Radios, Fuel Clothing, Flexdex Skateboards, Ernesto Outerwear, Clive Backpacks, PTS Shoes, and Boeri helmets, with more coming on weekly.

BroForm carefully qualifies and categorizes all businesses before approving their accounts for access to the site. Individual verified employees of that business are further categorized by job type, allow suppliers totarget access and set pricing at multiple levels.

“It’s been especially gratifying,” notes BroForm co-founder and Sales VP Adam Hostetter, “to have buyers happily go through the qualification steps required to obtain an account.

Everybody, especially the retailers, can appreciate the importance of controlling access and activity with this type of program.” Register today at and give yourself a year-end bonus!