Burton: 2013/14 Snowboard Bindings Preview


Burton Mens Genesis and Womens Escapade MSRP: $299.95, 259.95

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Person being interviewed: Scott Barbieri, VP of Hardgoods & anon

What are the top three developments and trends in next year's bindings?

o New buckles, straps, BED's, kids binding, tech trickle, etc... we've reinvented the line and what is possible with bindings, again.

o Weight savings - this is always high on our priority list.

o Re:Flex expansion - we're top to bottom Re:Flex disc in both our men's and women's lines.

Are you using any new materials?

We are always researching and developing new materials to make the lightest, strongest and best performing bindings- 2014 is no exception. However, it's the lack of certain materials that I'm most stoked about. We know that EVA and glue are not the most earth-friendly materials so we have been working hard to design bindings with minimal amounts of these materials or none at all as is the case with our Kickback Hammock hi-backs on the Escapade and Genesis - no glue or EVA on either. We've also eliminated the need for glue on the new POD Bed featured on the Escapade EST as well as eliminated the need for glue, EVA and PU on the new hammock strap while enhancing performance at the same time.


Scott Barbieri, Burton VP of Hardgoods & anon

What new technologies are you introducing to your line?

We have several in our 14 line but two new key technologies are our DoubleTake Buckle and Hammock Strap. We are known to have the best buckles in snowboarding and in 2014 we've made them even better. We've also reinvented what an ankle strap can look and ride like. Both of these new technologies are featured on the Diode, Genesis and Escapade models.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?

We've orchestrated a colorway explosion across our line because that is what riders are looking for. Gone are the days of black / white bindings ruling the wall. One of many examples is that we've pushed the colorway count of our Mission binding up to seven, and we're super stoked about this. We are also choosing to use strategic finish treatments on select models. For example, the 2014 Escapade has a hydrographic on the new Hammock Strap that ties back into the 2014 Feelgood board graphic but also stands on its own nicely.