Burton Announces New Board Category Group


Burton Snowboards, the leading manufacturer of snowboard equipment, accessories and apparel, announced the creation of their new Board Category Group today. The new Board Group is made up of a team of extremely talented Managers, Designers, and Engineers who share the common goal of creating the finest snowboards on earth. In addition to overseeing the design, engineering and production of snowboards, the Board Category Group will also be responsible for the newly launched Snowdeck category.

Hubert Schaller was named Category Manager for Snowboards and Snowdecks. In this position, he will be responsible for all aspects of snowboard and snowdeck development and production and for the continued forward direction of Burton’s world respected snowboard business. Working with Burton’s global team of riders, Hubert will have the ultimate responsibility of translating rider performance needs into board and snowdeck technology.His goal is to create a snowboard for every type of rider. Hubert has had several prior positions at Burton. At Burton Europe in Innsbruck, Austria he was Product Manager for Plate Bindings from 1994 to 1997 and from 1997 to 1998 he was Hardgoods Manager. He relocated to Burlington, Vermont in 1998 as Category Manger for Snowboards. He is originally from Munich, Germany and has been riding for 13 years.

Scott Barbieri was named Snowboard Engineering Manager. He will oversee board design, research and development, and on-snow and lab testing. A trained aeronautical engineer, Scott has been a board engineer at Burton for the past five years, bringing space age technology to over 500 board designs. He is originally from New York City and has been riding for 14 years.

Peter Bergendahl was named Design Engineer for Boards. In this extremely hands-on position, Peter will have frequent meetings with Burton Team Riders and Product Testers in an effort to coax design, development and production input from some of the most critical riders in the world. Peter has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has been riding for 14 years.

Todd King has been named Product Manager for Boards. As PM, Todd will maintain an exceptionally close relationship with Burton Team riders, responding directly to their product feedback and pushing the envelope of what is possible in snowboard production. Previous to joining Burton, Todd spent four years as Product Manager for Touring and Recreational Kayaks at Perception Kayaks. Todd has Bachelor Degrees in Industrial/Product Design, Environmental Design and Architecture from the North Carolina Sate University of Design. He is originally from Asheville, North Carolina and has been riding for 6 years.

Jill Viggiani was also named Product Manager for Boards. She will have the responsibility of assuring that Burton’s Board factories are compatible with Burton’s design initiatives. Jill has worn several hats while at Burton, including work in the Warranty, Marketing, and Hardgoods departments. Trained as an artist, Jill has a BA in Fine Art from Alfred University. She is originally from Poughkeepsie, New York and has been riding for 12 years.

Finally, Aaron Stief was named as Product Manager for Snowdecks. In this newly created position, Aaron will be responsible for developing and coordinating the launch of Burton’s global Snowdeck program. As part of his effort to focus and progress this revolutionary new category, Aaron will receive feedback from riders and skateboarders from all over the world. Aaron has been at Burton for 6 six years, moving from Product Logistics to Step-in Technology to Product Manager for Fleece. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Aaron has been riding for 15 years.