Burton Replaces Defective Binding Straps

Burton has discovered a potential quality issue concerning black telescoping ankle strap sliders used on 2001 C14 and Mission black/yellow bindings. In an effort to continue to supply riders with the highest quality product on snow, Burton is alerting any and all riders who may be affected, to make it right.

There have been a number of claims that telescoping sliders (the flat plastic pieces with holes for adjusting strap length and which connect the non-buckle end of the ankle strap to the baseplate) are cracking under certain conditions during riding. The problem has been isolated to black telescoping sliders bearing the date stamp 06/00 found on this year’s C14 and Mission black/yellow bindings. Not all of these will have a problem, but even the slightest possibility warrants notice in order to prevent anyone from having anything less than a good day on the hill.

All riders using C14’s or Mission black/yellow bindings are asked to check the date stamp on their sliders. It is found on the inside of the slider, near the point at which it is connected to the baseplate.

If it reads 06/00, riders can call one of the following numbers and Burton will send replacement sliders.

North America: 800-881-3138

Europe:From Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,Switzerland and Holland: 00800 287 866 13 (00800 BURTON 13)From the UK: 0800 389 99 31From Italy: 800 78 11 79

Japan: 81 48 833 0130