Burton Snowboards: Most Innovative POP In 2011

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We checked in with Sam Paschel, Burton’s senior vice president – marketing, to find out the brand’s reaction to winning TransWorld Business’ Most Innovative POP award for 2011. Here’s what he had to say:

Burton's Sam Paschel

Burton's Sam Paschel


We received a ton of great feedback about various projects you did this year especially the chalk boards. Talk a little about this year's POP efforts and what you did differently from year's past. What does this award mean for the brand?

Burton has been making great efforts to support our specialty retailers, and hearing that our POP was well received is great news. And most importantly, we hope these efforts are helping our retail partners and their businesses. The chalk board was pretty insane, and hopefully, it becomes a collector's item and stays on our retailers' walls and floors for a long time.

How large of a focus is your POP program for the brand?

Burton has increased our investment in our retail marketing initiative over the past two seasons, and we continue to grow our focus in this area. The crew working on all of these projects is amazing and continues to crank out new and creative concepts to support the brand and our product stories. I would say it is a very large focus with much more to come in the future.

How many people work on this around the country?

Our POP and Visual Merchandising crew is centralized in our Burlington office, so they can easily connect with our creative marketing, retail marketing, sales, team riders, and product categories to assure that the messaging and support meets the needs of all our retailers. In addition, the tools we develop here at Burton Headquarters are then collaboratively executed with our regional rep force and/or directly with our retailers. Plus, our local rep force has been evolving their service and merchandising models to be the best for their retailers, and that has really proven positive.

How do you work with core retailers to make their store's displays unique and tell their individual story?

First of all, we listen to our retailers' needs. Then we align their requests with the key stories we want to tell about our brand, product and technologies. Next, we partner with the reps and retailers to execute on the proper POP or fixture program. Burton has a lot of stories to tell, so trying to develop something unique is important to help catch the consumer's attention and give the retailer a competitive advantage.


How closely do you think this program parallels the performance of your product in your specialty retail partners' stores?

I think it lines up pretty well according to early feedback on our product sell-through from our retailers.