Bury Your Rail Like Occy

Bury Your Rail Like OccyBy Chris Cote, Photo Sequence: Bosko

1. The first step in this turn is to get ten to fifteen years of leg training and over a decade of surfing experience. After you get all that, take off on a wave, get a shitload of speed, and go into a full-rail cutback.

2. Halfway through your cutback, shift your weight to your front foot and release the weight off your back foot. Keep pressure on the front foot while still using the momentum of the turn to push your nose into the wave.

3. By now, your nose is completely underwater, and you’re slowing down. Keep your balance and bend your knees.

4. Now, you’re completely extended, and your tail is as far as it can slide. Start to ease up and center your weight.

5. As the oncoming whitewash touches you, go along with it and try to be as light as possible.

6. Let the whitewash take you on a little ride to the bottom of the wave.

7. Get your footing back, and look ahead of the section.

8. Start your bottom turn, and project into another gouge.