C1RCA Updates

Salt Lake City–Between secret filming missions, the entire C1RCA team spent the last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. The squad had a good time visiting skateparks, chilling with the locals and shooting for the upcoming C1RCA video and dealer catalogs. Uncle Lee Dog made sure to take the kids out to the diverse spots SLC had to offer.

C1RCA Team News

This week Windsor took some time off from So-Cal to go visit his family in the Springs while Dennis kept on the road with the Popwar crew. Sierra, Tony and Grant are all resting and filming in So-Cal. Looks like Sierra’s been having fun filming lines with his homies in the LBC…

Peter entered the Backside 9th Bomb downhill session which Roughneckhardware put together last week-end. Check the footy in their news section at www.roughneckhardware.com. Peter has also been working on finishing his future Pro shoe. Be on the lookout for the C1RCA Ramondetta sometime in 2006.

Colt has been resting home after some extensive travels with C1RCA and sponsors. Hope that beautiful mini ramp of yours is doing well, Mr. Colty Bears.

Meeting up with the crew on one their filming adventures, Lopez took a trip to Nor-Cal with the Mystery crew. Mystery video coming soon!


As some of you might have already noticed, the new Holiday 05 C1RCA website just launched this week.

Be on the look out for more updates, video features and full new team sections.

C1RCA is proud to announce the release of the first Jon Allie pro model, the Allie 208. Check Allie’s newest ad in the finest skateboard magazines worldwide.

C1RCA filmer, Lee Dog, went out to document the story behind Jon’s smith grind. The results can be seen by visiting www.c1rca.com.