Capita Hires Jason Locking As Sales Manager

Seattle, Washington (December 10, 2001) – CAPiTA, a grassroots, independent snowboarding company, is pleased to announce Jason Locking as it’s new International and North American Sales Manager.

Jason is a long time resident of Washington state and has spent the last eight years employed by Mervin Manufacturing. From working on the retail floor to managing a North American sales force, Jason has experience in many segments of the snowboarding industry. He started at Mervin in 1994 laying up boards on the factory floor, eventually made his way to customer service representative, customer service manager, and finally served as Mervin’s North American Sales manager from 1998 to mid 2001.

“I’m stoked to be working with such a great group of individuals. Blue and Jason have done an excellent job laying a solid foundation and I’m here to build upon that. I have an insane rep force to work with and am excited about what the future holds for CAPiTA,” Locking said. “Everyone involved is passionate about snowboarding. Our principal investor skates like a madman. J Brown, Blue, and the Human05 crew rip and obviously the team is insane! This is our life and we take it seriously. We’re doing this on our terms.”

“Jason has spent many years working within different facets of our industry. He has the time vested in our sport to achieve a true understanding of what makes a good product and how to make it sell. I believe he will bring true professionalism and specific industry experience to CAPiTA and help us elevate to another level of business” said Blue Montgomery VP and General Manager of CAPiTA.

CAPiTA CEO Jason Brown is confident in what Locking brings to the young company. “Yeah he had all the proper documents and experience for bringing a global sales awareness to CAPiTA, but what really won us over was the fact that he’s a mean bass player. We needed one for the CAPiTA audio tour.”

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