Carlo Mondavi Wins Yahoo! Sports Outdoors Big Air

Click here for a Quicktime clip of the men’s Big Air Jam.

Carlo Mondavi won the Yahoo! Sports Outdoors Big Air and Style and $3,500 at Mammoth Mountain, California today. The event was a specialty invite addition to the Chevy Truck U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix that was supposed to take place all weekend. However, due to a big storm, the halfpipe qualifying and finals were moved to Thursday, and the boardercross event was canceled.

Mondavi had to overcome howling winsd, blowing snow, and a tough field sessioning the big-air hip to quarterpipe set-up just across from the Mammoth main lodge. Standouts included Zach Horwitz, Travis Rice, Ricky Bower, Danny Kass, Nick Francke, and Erik Leines.

The final results came down to the difference between huge straight airs on the hip to a big spin move on the quarterpipe, versus a big spin on both the hip and quarterpipe.

Rob Kingwill started with the straight-to-spin combination, with a method to Sato flip on the first run of the day. The score put him in first place for most of the hour-and-a-half jam session. “I wanted to go first because I knew it was going to be a cluster up there,” he said. “That probably helped me because if you go first and stomp your trick, the judges will definitely help you.”

Riders could take as many runs as they wanted, but unfortunately they had to wait for the TV cameras to get ready and the jam didn’t progress as fast as many wanted it to. But most still got in at least five or six jumps, and the riding definitely improved as they got the hip-to-quarterpipe combination wired.

It took several attempts for Mondavi to put together his winning combination at included a cab five tailgrab to a Crippler.

“The jump was super fun because you could hit it regular or switch,” said Mondavi. “It was a little tight from one to the other. Maybe if the quarterpipe was further down and there was a handrail on it, that’s be cool. I was trying my frontside seven first and then I was coming so far down the tranny that I went switch and rolled right into the transition and got it.”

“It feels okay to win second place,” said JJ Thomas. “I was just trying to for the air instead of the moves.” His winning run was a huge air to big Mctwist. He said the conditions didn’t really cause any problems. “It’s snowboarding and it’s supposed to snow.”

For Kingwill, the third place was his first podium of the season and he was stoked.

MEN1. Carlo Mondavi (Squaw Valley, Calif.), 27.9
2. JJ Thomas (Golden, Colo.), 27.0
3. Rob Kingwill (Jackson, Wyo.), 26.6
4. Travis Rice (Jackson, Wyo.), 26.5
5. Danny Kass (Hamburg, New Jersey), 26.0
6. Zach Horwitz (Carbondale, Colo.), 24.7
7. Kyle Clancy (Hyde Park, Vermont), 24.7
8. Luke Wynen (Reading, Penn.), 23.7
9. Rahm Klampert (Killington, Vermont), 23.0
10. Ricky Bower (Park City, Utah), 22.3
11. Scotty Arnold (Newport Beach, Calif.), 22.3
12. Nick Franke (Gilbert, New Jersey), 20.6
13. Charlie Morace (Newtown, Conn.), 20.2
14. Eric Leines (Sandy, Utah), 17.9
15. Brian Regis (Vernon, New Jersey), 16.2
16. Brent Meyer (Dillon, Colo.), 15.5

Click here for a Quicktime clip of the men’s Big Air Jam.