Caveman Crooks with Chad Fernandez

1. Back in the Paleozoic skateboarding era, before skateboarders utilized the ollie to it’s fullest extent, there existed a technique called the “caveman.”

2. The caveman basically called for jumping onto a handrail and performing a 50-50 or a boardslide.

3. During the handrail slaughter of the late 90s, this technique was quickly forgotten.

4. Recently, there has been a renaissance of this ancient technique.

5. Skaters have taken the caveman to new levels.

6. These days, it’s not uncommon to see caveman blunt-slides or even a sick caveman crooked grind.

7. The possibilities are endless.

8. Caveman backside lipslide?

9. Boneless fingerflip caveman boardslide?

10. Frontside 270 boneless to caveman backside lipslide? Word?