Check Out: Ahmon Stamps

Seven years ago there was a young man from Atlanta who started getting into some trouble and thought that if he moved West he could finish school and stay on the straight and narrow. By chance he wound up getting a job on the mountain at Mount Hood Meadows and saw this sport of snowboarding.

Ahmon had heard of it before, but never knew that people would do anything and everything to get their fix of snowboarding. Thank god Ahmon was getting in trouble back in old Georgia because today he is one of the finest shredders around and a hell of a fun guy to go riding with. Just stay away from the Georgia peach if he can’t shred because he is one grumpy cat.


Ahmon’s brother’s are also top athlete’s going to school on scholarships for football and track, but Ahmon always loved skateboarding. He was a pioneer in the sport back in Atlanta. He always had an independent spirit and was extremely daring and brave. In fact, one time we called the fire department because we had a fire in the laundry room and Ahmon would not get out of the house until the fire was totally out. He always was a true mountain man and loved hunting and fishing. Ahmon is a great role model for the kids back in Atlanta and they all know about how Ahmon choose a different path and it led to great success.

-Momma Stamps

“Ahmon is always the first to be on the hill and the last one to leave.”

-Jeremiah Huchinson

“Stamps has a great imagination, he thinks all the ladies are in love with him.” –Mandy Larson

“Ahmon is the pepper in the salt shaker.” –Chris Coyle

Ahmon is always telling the girls “your seventeen no way, so am I.” – Jason Wallace


Vital Stats

Born/raised: Chicago / Atlanta

Home Mountain: Mt Hood Meadows

Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Exit, Spy

How long have been working at High Cascade summer camp?

Six years.

How long have you been riding?

Six years.

How long have you been in Hood for?

Six years. Hmmm 666 something strange about that…

What music did you listen to when you were younger?

Minor Threat, DRI, Agnostic Front, and old Metallica

Now what are you singing while your all fired up riding

Hip hop and gangster rap, yo.

Why do you enjoy coaching?

I like kickin’ it with the kids, it’s the real fountain of youth.

So what is the deal with the Dirties Club?

It is a group of Govey Locals that all hung out and rode together and we all have dirty nicknames

What is your dirty nickname?

Dirty skin.

What’s next for Stamps?

In the fall I am moving to Portland to work and get some money so I can move to Canada and ride good stuff, and there are way more cute girls there than in Govey.

What are you into?

I am into dogs, skateboarding, fishing, and going to the mall to pick up chicks.

Yeah, rumor has it you are some what of a lady-killer.You just have to make sure they are over 18, eh, Stamps.

What would you be doing if you had never stepped on a snowboard?

I might have been in jail or maybe I would have finished school and have a 9-5 job lookin’ forward to weekends and still living at Mom’s.

Ricky Martin or Enrica?

Fuck those guys Guerardo is the man, Rico Suave.

Fat chicks and spandex?

That’s a twelve pack of beer.

What was the deal with your Salomon ad and the rat?

It was a live rat, we bought it at the pet store and took it back after. They were ok with it, but we had to have the receipt and they wondered why there was ketchup on it

Christina or Britney?

Definitely Christina.

I heard you are becoming somewhat of an actor and model?

Yeah I did a Ford commercial and some other work through a company in Portland.

Does it help you get more ladies?

If they knew it was me I would get more action but they don’t know.

What was your favorite shred trip?

Two years ago I quit my job at Meadows and we went to Steven’s Pass with fake letters to get free tickets. We barely made it there after getting pulled over by the cops, but when we got there we got to shred four feet of new.

Do you want to say thanks to anyone?

To my buddies and everyone who ever gave me a ride to the mountain.