Chilli Sets Up North American Office

Chilli, the core sports media brand of Sportsworld Media Group (SMG) media and marketing agents for the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), has set up a U.S. office in Mission Viejo, California. The operation is up and running from July 15th and is headed up by Sandy Stevenson, formerly Head of Chilli Video in London. The U.S. division will allow for continuing and developing west coast and rest of U.S. client business.

Chilli’s main output is in TV and video production in surfing and snowboarding. It’s ASP remit includes the production of a TV series of the WCT (called ‘Pro Surfing’) and also this year Chilli will release a WCT highlights video.

The company’s other offices and production facilities are in London andHossegor (France).