Cold As Ice Adds Korean Distributor

Costa Mesa, California – Taking another step in expanding their international exposure, Cold As Ice, Inc. has added Korea to their growing family of countries who will offer Cold As Ice for winter 2001/02. Korea will be handled by Gusung Co.

Gusung Co. has extensive experience in the snowboard market. Previously they were the Bonfire distributors until Addidas made a move to consolidate their international distribution.

“This was a lucky move for us – we need seasoned distributors to pave the way for women’s specific apparel in new countries, and we got it with Gusung Co. “, says Darcy Lee, CEO and head designer for Cold As Ice, Inc., the southern California based women’s and girl’s snowboard apparel company.

Gusung Co.’s spokesperson, Al Byon, says that they were able to focus on the technical parts of the product line as they had previously paved the way for well built, high quality products. Gusung Co. will also distribute the little girl’s line, Stardust, which is also designed and manufactured by Cold As Ice.

Gusung Co. will take its place on the Cold As Ice website’s,, dealer locator where they will combine with the other countries distributing Cold As Ice products including Switzerland, Germany, and France by DNR Sportsystem; Italy by Runner; the U.K. by Outdoor Leisure, the Netherlands by Wildstyle; and Canada by MICA Sports.

Product will be delivered to stores internationally for this winter 2001/2002.

For further info, please contact Darcy Lee, or 949.642.6790