Is Launched is here: online, tested and up and running. (Finally). With 16000 users on the priority guest list and over 250 new users signing up every day, Coolidentity is smaller than the corporate email services like Hotmail or Yahoo — but we’re not a corporation. And that’s the difference. We’re snowboarders.

Snowboarders have been online enthusiasts since the Internet escaped the confines of The Pentagon and yet we’ve been stuck with lame email address possibilities until now. With Coolidentity, riders don’t have to resort to calling themselves “” or “”. Coolidentity gives riders the freedom to be themselves while still representing the sport that gets them out of bed in the morning. owns 720 different snowboarding domains and all of them are dot com domains. Because dot coms are the shit. Still.

With Coolidentity’s free email service, riders can pick from our 720 snowboard domains and actually have their own name in front of the suffix. Here are a sample handful:




Coolidentity is a full function email service. You can still send photo attachments, file attachments, and send drunk three in the morning emails you’ll regret sending the next day.

The only difference between and the myriad other (viz. corporate) email services is that we don’t have stock options, German sports cars (unless a ’71 VW Notchback counts), or giant office blocks in Silicon Valley that feel kind of empty these days. No, we live in Whistler, ride in Whistler, have a mini ramp in our backyard and a dirtbike trails behind the ramp. does not do content. We’re not an online snowboarding magazine/shopping mall and we never will be. All we are is a killer email service that’s free and respectable and legit.

Yes, we have ads on our site — but they aren’t for mortgages or for platinum credit cards that you’d never qualify for anyway. Our ads are only ads that you’d actually click on. Your address is a snowboard address like “”, so the only ads that you’d get would be things like hardgoods ads from cool manufacturers or women’s mountain clothing or condo rental agencies in Mammoth (just in case you’re getting sick of the other Squaw locals).

You’ll never get an ad for some “Lose Weight Now” shit if you have a snowboarding address because we can imagine that you’re already pretty skinny since all you eat is Ramen and crabapples from your neighbour’s is that rarest of creatures in the wild and wooly world of the Internet for advertisers: an opportunity for you and your company to know — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that your ads are hitting their target.

Nobody is going to have an email address that says “I’m a snowboarder” if they’re not a snowboarder (or a very serious poser who still buys a lot of gear). Other email services make you fill out a little demographic anal probe but, as we all know, everybody lies on those things. If you dug up my Hotmail one, it would tell you that I’m an Amish mother of fifteen who makes over a hundred large per annum, lives in Pennsylvania and races nitro burning funny cars for the church team.

Internet advertising has been a wash since the Internet took off. Companies never know where there ads are hitting and click-through rates are consistently low — regardless of what the Silicon valley demographers will tell you.

Many companies associated with snowboarding are too small to advertise on the web. Or at least they were until we came along. Because our ads are laser-targeted to an exact audience, we can keep our rates very low in the grand scheme of things. You aren’t buying an ad that, like, one in a thousand users might be interested in.

Our users have already told us what they’re into — snowboarding. It’s like stealing candy from a baby that’s been tied down and sedated. They said the easy Internet money was gone but really it’s just waiting to change hands. And those hands could be yours. is not some cheesy “teen buzzword” email service started by a bunch of retired guidance counselors. There have been a few of these aforementioned services and most of them died (thankfully) in The Crash. Coolidentity is owned by Ken Achenbach — the guy who started the first snowboard shop in the world in 1980 (The Snoboard Shop in Calgary, Canada); the guy who designed the first twintip snowboard (Barfoot TwinTip 1986); who shot photos and wrote stories for Transworld, Snowboarder, and all the other worthy pubs; who held the world record for vertical feet ridden in a day (until some rich skier broke it); who runs The Camp of Champions Snowboard and Ski Camp in Whistler, BC; and who is a member of The Snowboarding Hall of Fame (yes, there really is one but it’s not very big). We aren’t a bunch of suits in New York or Redmond scheming over “what the kids are into these days”; we’re a small group of kids ourselves. And we’d like to beat the big boys at their own game before they wreck ours.

For more information on who we are and what we’re about go to: http://www.coolidentity.comemail or call (604) 938-9982 for details.

Coolidentiy is just the name of our company; we’re not so cool that we don’t answer the phone. Thanks for your interest.