Crank Call – The Hobgoods

Crank Call The Hobgoods

C.J. Hobgood: Hello?

Chris Cote in an Australian plug-nosed accent: Yes, hello. Is Mr. Hobgood in? Excuse me, hello?

C.J. Mocking Chris in the same accent: Excuse me?

Yes, this is John calling from the front desk. There seems to be a lady here with … hold on. Her name is Mariah, and she says her purse is in your room.

Really? Okay. He’s Damien actually in the room with a girl right now, so I’m just gonna check on him. Ooh … things aren’t good right now.

No. I’m sorry to disturb, but she just says she’s got her purse in your room. She has diabetes and her insulin’s in her purse.

Laughing Who is this?

This is John from the front desk, Burleigh Beach Towers.

I thought the desk closed at six.

No, I’m the after-hours clerk.


Deepens voice and starts laughing Yeah, dude! F—k it! No, just kidding, dude. This is Joe, dude! F—king what’s up? Jacksonville, dude! You remember me, dude! F—k dude, I’m f—king with you. Dude—I’m on the coast right now, bro!

Oh my gosh.

You never knew it, didja, dude?

I knew it was you, dude.

F—k yeah! I’m on the coast, bro!

What’s up?

I don’t know, dude. Let’s f—kin’ paddle out or some shit, dude. Come on down! Let’s drink some Beam!

Are you doing one of those Crank Call things on me?

Shit no! What the hell?

Laughing Yeah.

Changes voice again No, just kidding. Hey, what’s up? This is Steve Sherman. I’m tryin’ to get some photos of the Hobgoods. Do you know of anybody who’s got any?

Yeah, I got a couple.


I could sell them to you guys.



Well, good. Why don’t you call me in the morning.



Laughing See ya later.