Crap The Big Brother Premier

Crap Big Brother Premiere
Crap. It was not. The premiere of the new big brother video transgressed this past Thursday at a semi fancy theater in downtown LA. Much to my disappointment two bands were scheduled to play before the video. No mention of this was made on the invitations. In the end, I got to see Gish Thaxtonâ’s band, THE SMUT PEDDLERS, perform. So instead of the video starting promptly at8pm, when it did get rolling at 10:30 the crowd was more than ready. It starts out with a snowboarding Rick Kosick skit that rocks. From there an amalgamation of skits and skateboarding segments. Laughs are certain to be coming from you all through the viewing process. The skating is ok, but the skits are most clever and get the big thumbs up. One fear I had is that Carnie would draw out the ROLLERBLADER HUNTER deal with Arlo, but I was refreshed to see that made that part very short. Cheers!!!!!! It should be in stores with in the next month.