Da Kine Expands Team Roster

Da Kine is proud to announce the 2000-01 snowboard team: Justin Mooney, TaraDakides, Josh Dirksen, Gabriel Authier, Guillaume Morrisette, CarstenBahnson, Ashley Call, Shandy Campos, Shin Campos, Jon Cartwright, JesseHuffman, Mitch Nelson, Timmy Ostler, Lance Pitman, JF Pelchatt, BrandonRuff, Kale Stephens, and Gabe Taylor. The backcountry team is comprised ofTom Burt, Tex Devenport, Matt Goodwill, Steve Klassen, Morgan Lafonte, JasonSchutz, Julie Zell, and accomplished alpine racer, Mark Fawcett. All theriders exclusively promote Da Kine backpacks, gloves, travel bags, and boardaccessories.

Look for Canadian posse Shin, Shandy, Jon, Jesse, and Kale in Treetop Film’sinnovative movie, “Second Wind”. Tara, JF, and Kale all have major segmentsin “Amp”, Mack Dawg’s sick new flick. Check out rippers Gabriel, Carsten,Jesse, Justin, Lance, and Brandon in “This Time”, a sweet new release byRecast Media.

The team is more involved than ever in Da Kine’s snowboard marketing.Justin is designing Da Kine’s new snowboarding ad campaign, with each teamrider giving him input towards their own ad. Da Kine’s team has proven tobe invaluable by providing creative ideas, testing gear, and offeringfeedback for the progressive 2001 product line and beyond.