Dakides Tara-rizes TransWorld Riders’ Poll 2001 Presented by Ford Ranger

She didn’t have to ask the crowd to check out her ass this year at the TransWorld Riders’ Poll Awards Presented by Ford Ranger. After winning five awards, everyone got to check out Tara Dakides’ ass plenty as she went up and down the stage over and over and made so many acceptance speeches that her agent even rushed the stage and told her to not say anything more. Dakides even got a beer poured over her head, which started a trend on stage as well, as the event took on a little more freestyle approach than what you would normally expect from a black-tie awards presentation. But this is snowboarding, after all.

This year’s event, sponsored by Ford Ranger, SIA, DuraSurf, and TransWorld Snowboarding magazine, was held at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada during the annual SIA trade show.

It was definitely a packed house with everyone and anyone associated with the snowboarding industry trying to get passed the long VIP entrance. In fact, the regular line to get in was actually shorter than the exclusive, get-three-free-drink-tickets entrance, but the who’s who of the snowboard world were hoping to get in and see some of the antics that were surely going to happen. And the snowboarders delivered.

Starting off the evening, Ine Potzl and Shaun Palmer took the best Boardercross rider awards. Palmer was gracious and funny as usual: “I’m a complete asshole. Every sport needs one and I’m glad I can help all the other assholes out there make so much money.”

Not surprising either, the Best Big Mountain Rider award was won by Victoria Jealouse and Jeremy “Mother F**king” Jones, as presenter Andrew Crawford called him. In his presentation of the awards, Crawford added, “Can we have a toast to big balls, and big boobs, too!”

Jones admitted that he usually rode alone, so the fact that he won was probably due to the fact that other pros judged him on his video parts. “Thanks to the riders and filmers out there, and pray for snow,” he said accepting his big block of glass.

For the third award presentation, things started getting a little more flavorful. Presenting the Rock Star Of The Year award, Jason “J2” Rasmus had a beer bottle broken over by Mikey LeBlanc who was dressed up as the cop like in his video part in this year’s Destroyer video. Peter Line bested other nominees including JP Walker and Romain De Marchi and said, “I’d like to thank a blown ACL and two chips in my shoulder for letting me take two months off of snowboarding and letting me have some fun.”

Then it was Tara’s show. She won the Retailer’s Choice award along with Peter Line, the Best Rail Rider award with JP Walker, TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine Readers’ Choice award with no-show Terje Haakonsen (who was supposedly back in Vermont training for the U.S. Open that takes place later this week), Best Freestyle Rider award with a very drunk Kevin Jones (who figured he’d get arrested during the evening and got kicked out of the party later), and Best Overall Rider Award with BJ.

Rookie of the Year went to Gigi Ruf and Anne Molin Kongsgaard, and Best Video Segment went to Bjorn Leines.