DC Sponsors Whitey’s Next Snowboard Film

DC is proud once again to announce presenting sponsorship of Whitey McConnaughey’s latest film, which kicked off production this past weekend. DC riders Jason Murphy, Scotty Wittlake, and Josh Dirksen are busy filming bangers for some of the untitled video’s feature parts.

Whitey and his company, Kingpin Productions are known throughout the world for some of the hottest snowboard films, including DC-sponsored The Revival and Brainstorm.

DC Snow Team Manager Brian Botts says, “I’m psyched — it’s great DC’s name is synonymous with Whitey and the amazing films he makes.” The release date is set for Fall 2002 ASR.

On the video’s direction, Whitey says, “This year we’re working closely with some of our longtime riders like Scotty Wittlake, who are collaborating on the direction and style for the 2002 film. Expect a new look from Kingpin Productions for the new video, with the highest-caliber snowboarding in the snowboard video world.”

Scotty’s and Josh’s current incredible parts are out now in Whitey’s video, Brainstorm. Pick up a copy at a shop near you. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Whitey’s newest flick.