DC To Host Retailer Summit And Retailer Appreciation Party

In the last few years of ASR, DC has found that by early to mid-September, the majority of DC’s retailers have already previewed and booked their Spring orders. So, for this upcoming September ASR show, DC has decided to take the funds we would normally allocate toward a booth at ASR and invest these funds in our retailers in a number of new ways below:

DC will again host our DC Retailer Summit at the DC Ramp in Vista before the show so retailers will have a chance to give feedback, listen to other retailers, skate with DC team riders and preview upcoming product lines in a private setting.

During the ASR show, DC reps will still hold one-on-one appointments with retailers at the Hilton San Diego across from the convention center, where they will have a quiet spot to show the Spring line, debut the new in-store campaign and listen to retailer feedback. DC will be debuting our new Spring 2006 Point-of-Purchase in-store program to retailers during the show.

DC will also host a Retailer Appreciation Party on Sept. 10th the Saturday night of ASR at the new House of Blues. This will include a special screening of the new Mtn Lab Video as well as bands performing (TBD). This will be an exclusive invite-only retailer event.

DC is committed to ASR and to the retailers who attend. At the upcoming January ASR, DC will be back on the floor and launching the newly designed trade show booth. We will continue to host the DC Retailer Snow Summit at Mtn Lab each winter so retailers may preview and test DC