Destination Skate Camp

The dog days of summer are upon us, and it’s time to askyourself what you and your customers are going to make of theseskate-friendly three months of warm weather. There’s the vision ofskating school yards seven days a week instead of the usual two, andan extra couple hours of sunlight before you need to break out thegenerators and light racks.

Summer can cure a lot, but cops, knobs, and burnt-outspots are year-round. If you want to log some serious hassle-freehours on your board, why not check out a skate camp? Whether youwant to stay at the famous Woodward, Pennsylvania camp or justsession the local park with visiting pros, new terrain plus new tricksequals good times. With the number of diverse camps skyrocketingto handle skateboarding’s demand, here are some specs to help youdecide on a suitable summer residence:

New Ideas For A New Era Inc.
460 Driggs Ave. #3
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Phone: (718) 486-3125
Season/Session: three-, nine-, or thirteen-day traveling overnighttours, June 5 to August 31.
Price: 500 dollars for three-day tours, 1,400 dollars for nine-daytours, and 1,850 dollars for thirteen-day tours.

Traveling throughout the best skateparks in NorCal andOregon, Dtour strives to embody the skating, filming, and travelinglifestyles of skateboarders. Campers are provided video cameras andtaught about formats, lighting, lenses, angles, the hand trick, andfilmer etiquette (staying out of skaters’ way). Portable computersare brought along so skaters can learn editing techniques and maketheir own videos for the Web as well as conventional output. Skaterscan choose to specialize in shooting, editing, or both.

Traveling, obviously a big part of the camp, will enablecampers to meet new skaters and check out their scenes while theyshred parks like Ripon, Healdsburg, Medford, Lincoln City, andAstoria.

The Incline Club
485 Locust St.
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
Phone: (732) 901-7900
Season/Session: one-, three-, or five-day sessions, June 24 toAugust 30, day camp.
Price: 225 dollars for five-day sessions, 135 dollars for three-daysessions, and 50 dollars for one-day sessions.

Skaters from ages six to sixteen can attend camp virtuallyall summer, up to ten weeks if they please. The 24,000-square-footindoor park is also scheduling pro-skater appearances this summer.The street course includes a 60-foot-wide mini ramp, a rhythmsection, and a six-foot hip quarter with a sub box. The Incline Club’sskateboard shop is now open and fully stocked with boards andaccessories. For extra fun and exercise, a full-featuredgymnastics/jungle gym is connected to the skatepark.

Lake Owen Camp
HC 60 Box 60
Cable, Wisconsin 54821
Phone: (715) 798-3785
Season/Session: one-week sessions, June 2 to August 17, Sundaythrough Saturday, overnight camp.
Price: 695 dollars includes skating, food, and lodging.

Affiliated with the world-famous Woodward Camp, LakeOwen has an 11,000-square-foot indoor park full of mini ramps,street courses, and a foam pit and resi jump box to learn new trickswithout the fear of injury. The outdoor park has a vert ramp andeasily interchangeable ramps and obstacles for constantly evolvingterrain. After a hot session, skaters can take a dip in Lake Owen.

Magdalena Ecke YMCA
200 Saxony Rd.
Encinitas, California 92023
Phone: (760) 635-8720
Season/Session: one-week sessions, day camp.
Price: 143 dollars for Ecke YMCA members, 172 dollars fornonmembers.

A vert dog’s dreamland, the Encinitas Y has an 80-foot-wide, thirteen-foot-high vert ramp designed by Tony Hawk himself.It sits adjacent to the 80-foot-long, double-hipped keyhole pool witha ten-foot deep end and a seven-foot shallow end. If vert’s not yourcup of tea, there’s always the 25,000-square-foot street coursepacked with the usual quarters, banks, pyramids, and rails. Anassortment of mini ramps and a “tot lot” for the groms assure funfor all.

Muskoka Woods
20 Bamburgh Circle, Suite 200
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 495-6960
Season/Session: one-week sessions, June 29 to August 30, overnightcamp.
Price: 530 dollars (U.S.) includes skating, food, and lodging.

Muskoka Woods’ skateboard terrain boasts someimpressive square footage. Designed by New Line Skateparks,builders of Slam City Jam, new additions for this summer include a10,000-square-foot indoor street course, a 10,000-square-footoutdoor street course, an additional 4,000-square-foot indoor streetcourse, and an outdoor vert ramp. They’ve redesigned their existing18,000-square-foot street course as well as their 12,000-square-footoutdoor ramp course.

Focusing on skill development, balance, and style, withdaily group instruction sessions, attention is also turned towardriders’ individual tricks, where instructors and pros work one-on-one throughout the park. For skaters age twelve to seventeen.

Skatelab Skateboarding Camp
4226 Valley Fair St.
Simi Valley, California 93063
Phone: (805) 578-0040
Season/Session: two four-day sessions, July 9-12 and August 6-9,day camp.
Price: 100 dollars includes drinks, snacks, and camp T-shirt.

This 20,000-square-foot park is going on its fourth year ofrunning summer camps. Instructor-to-skater ratio is usually one toten to ensure close attention to campers’ needs. Renowned forbringing in elite pros as guest instructors, past participants includeRick Howard, Lance Mountain, Keith Hufnagle, Mike Vallely, MarkAppleyard, Wee Man, Mike Carroll, Chico Brenes, Tony Alva, SteveBerra, Daewon Song, Richard Mulder, Paul Rodriguez, Mike Taylor,Keenan Milton, Clyde Singleton, and Sal Barbier. This yearattendance is expected to be the camp’s largest yet, with many ofthe above pros committed to appear. Skatelab also has askateboarding museum on its premises with over 2,000 vintageskateboards.

Skater Island Skate Camp
1747 W. Main Rd.
Middletown, Rhode Island 02842
Phone: (401) 848-8078
Season/Session: one-week sessions, July 8 to August 30, daycamp.
Price: 425 dollars for Skater Island Skatepark members, 475 dollarsfor nonmembers.

Being immortalized as a level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3,Skater Island’s layout has made it a favorite among skaters acrossthe country. Open to skaters of all ages, instructors foster learningin a fun environment and stress sportsmanship and respect. SkaterIsland promises new terrain and activities every summer andattracts a healthy number of return campers.

Skate Sessions
13875 Old El Camino Real
Del Mar, California 92130
Phone: (858) 481-1450
Season/Session: one-week sessions, June 17 to August 30, daycamp.
Price: 230 dollars.

This summer camp is great for skaters of all skill levels.Instructors give personalized lessons on the private ramp and streetcourse. Skate Sessions staffers are experienced skaters who loveskateboarding and working with kids. The camp ensures constantsupervision and development of skating skills. Skaters are kept tosmall groups with a low skater-to-instructor ratio. The program isbalanced and structured, all in the name of fun.

Strawberry Canyon Youth Sports
University Of California, Berkeley
5 Haas Clubhouse #4430
Berkeley, California 94720-4430
Phone: (510) 643-1299
Season/Session: two-week sessions, June 17 to August 23, daycamp.
Girls-only optional sessions. One-day clinics August 26-28.
Price: 275 dollars for members, 345 dollars for nonmembers. One-day clinics cost 85 dollars for members and 110 dollars fornonmembers.

Talent Skatepark
2069 Wilson Rd.
Willston, Vermont 05403
Phone: (802) 864-2069
Season/Session: one-w
eek sessions, July 8-12, 22-26, August 5-9,day camp.
Price: 300 dollars for the week with the option to buy eveningsessions at half price.

Available to skaters of all ages and abilities, camps arekept to small numbers-about 30 skaters-for maximum attentionand learning. Guest pro instructors this summer will include SteveNesser, Emerick Pratt, and Clint Peterson. The large indoor woodpark features a hipped wood bowl, various funboxes and pyramids,a vert wall, a five-foot mini ramp, and several movable ledges andrails. The skatepark checks in at 9,000 square feet, and has its own3,000-sqaure-foot pro shop.

Vans Skate Camp At High Cascade
P.O. Box 6689
Bend, Oregon 97701
Phone: 1-800-334-4272
Season/Sessions: eight- and ten-day overnight camps.
Price: 795 dollars for an eight-day camp, and 975 dollars for a ten-day camp. There is an optional snowboarding day available for anadditional charge.

High Cascade is for ages twelve and up and all skill levels.Campers will hone their skills at the High Cascade Vans Triple Crownstreet course, ramps, and bowls, and tour around Oregon hittingsome of the best parks anywhere. Campers are treated to skate-movie premieres and demos by pros like Jason Adams, GeoffRowley, Chet Childress, Kristian Svitak, Cara-Beth Burnside, OmarHassan, and Tony Trujillo.

Visalia YMCA
211 W. Tulare Ave.
Visalia, California 93277
Phone: (559) 627-0700
Season/Session: one-week sessions and three-day holdover sessions,July 20 to September 2, overnight camp.
Price: 525 dollars for weeklong sessions and 95 dollars for holdoversessions include skating, food, and lodging.

Bring your sleeping bag and spend a week skating againstthe backdrop of Sequoia Lake. In between sessions, campers cansilk-screen shirts, learn how skateboards are made, or just hang outwith new friends. The park’s prime location offers canoeing, fishing,rowing, and the infamous jump ramp into the lake. Mike Greenwaldof MG Creations designs and builds the progressive park each yearkeeping all skill levels in mind.

Whistler Skateboard Camp
103-4338 Main St., Suite 981
Whistler, B.C., Canada V0N 1B4
Phone: (604) 932-3238
Season/Session: one week only, July 12-19, overnight camp.
Price: 1,450 dollars (Canadian) includes all meals, hotel, coaching,airport transfers, and a bonus day of snowboarding.

Campers are accommodated in large hotel suites in thefamous Whistler Resort Village. Coaches work with skaters at theworld-famous Whistler Skatepark and are kept to small ratios toprovide the best supervision. In addition to the optional snowboardday, campers can also go wakeboarding, paintballing, or just exploreWhistler Village with its movie theater, arcade, restaurants, andshops.

Woodward Camp
Box 93, Route 45
Woodward, Pennsylvania 16882
Phone: (814) 349-5633
Season/Session: one-week sessions, May 26 to August 31, Sundaysthrough Saturdays, overnight camp.
Price: 795 dollars includes skating, food, and lodging.

Country living in rustic cabins, two outdoor grills, and apeanut-butter bar are a few things campers can look forward to atWoodward. Famous for pioneering the use of injury-proof foam andresi pits, Woodward now has seven indoor foam and resi pits, twooutdoor resi jump boxes, and a foam and resi vert ramp. Camperscan learn skills in relative safety and progress to regularcompetition terrain gradually.

Young Life Skate Camp
Hope, B.C., Canada
Phone: (604) 807-3718
Season/Session: two one-week sessions, August 18-23 and August25-30, overnight camp.
Price: 320 dollars (Canadian) includes skating, food, and lodging.

Young Life is a Christian ministry that reaches out to juniorhigh and high school-aged kids. Ray Barbee, Jamie Thomas, andRichard Mulder pay regular visits to this nondenominational,nonprofit organization. The camp’s mission is to introduceadolescents to Christianity and help them grow in their faith.

Zero Gravity
Giorgetti Park, Oak St.
Rutland, Vermont 05701
Phone: (802) 786-2468
Season/Session: one-week sessions, July 7-12, 21-26, July 28 toAugust 2, August 4-9, overnight camp.
Price: 595 dollars includes all meals and lodging.

Skaters are taught the full spectrum of skateboarding,from beginning ollies up to difficult grinds and airs. Experiencedinstructors, who double as snowboard instructors in the winter,teach “board awareness” on and off ramps with a variety ofaggressive games, drills, and contests.

The 25,000-square-foot indoor park features Skatelite Prosurfaces on their various ramps, banks, and funboxes. It’s housed inan airy building with open sidewalls in a scenic wooded area. Classesare kept small, about 35 to 40 skaters, in order to emphasize theteaching and learning aspect of the camp.