Display Your Way To Tavarua

If you’ve noticed a lot of shops with Arnette displays lately, it’s probably because someone in that shop wants a free trip to Tavarua, Hawai’i, or Cabo San Lucas. The sunglass company is challenging its retailers and reps in a contest to put together the best window display promoting Arnette product.

To enter, there’s one simple rule: The display window must be devoted entirely to Arnette. “We just want to get the reps really involved at the retail level,” says Arnette Director of Marketing Gary Siskar. “Going into summer it’s a good thing.”

The judging criteria is simple. “When you see a good window, you see a good window,” says Siskar. He, along with COO Bruce Beach and Sales Director John Gothard will be the judges.

The grand prize will be seven days in Tavarua, while the runner-up will win seven days in Hawai’i (including airfare and lodging). Third gets seven days in Cabo San Lucas (including airfare and lodging).

The prizes will be given to the owners of the winning store, the store’s rep, and the in-house sales rep.

–Aaron Checkwood