Dizm Eyewear 2013/14 Preview

Heartbreaker / Oreo / Polarized / MSRP $95.00

Dempsey / Black Seaweed / Polarized / MSRP $95.00

Dizm Eyewear 2014

Contact: Jonas Lee / General Manager

Phone: 310.798.8964

Email: jonas.lee@mosa-enterprises.com

What trends will we see in next season’s line – colors, shapes, materials?

For 2013, our entire collection features frames constructed from our RB Cellulose Acetate. These frames are 100% biodegradable, renewable, compostable and recyclable. Shapes are classic with a fashion forward twist. In terms of color, aside from a few statement pieces which really stand out, you’ll notice the use of logos and other detail components for subtle color pop.

Many eyewear companies are trending toward an eco-friendly eyewear construction – does this make sense for your brand and are you working on innovating the types of materials you use?

Since the launch of dizm eyewear in 2011, one of our initiatives was to offer a completely green product line. It took us a little while to get there, but for 2013 we are proud to launch a 100% eco-friendly offering. From our packaging, which uses roughly 50% less material and saves on shipping and warehousing, to our renewable cotton bags, to our biodegradable frames, you will see “eco” in everything we do.

What changes are you seeing at retail/on the business side?

The last several years have been extremely tough on retail and it’s still a grind out there, although we are starting to see a change and feel like the worst is behind us. 2-3 years ago we saw retailers sticking with their tried and true brands which they knew to be risk-free. Now, with retail starting to come back around and confidence up, we’re starting to see retailers be open to trying something new and take a little risk. As a two year old brand, this is important for us.

Are you working on creating any limited collections that are just for core retailers, or any other projects that give your product a unique and limited distribution feel?

At this point, as a new brand, with a streamlined product offering that is 100% eco, we are not working on any other projects that will give us more of a limited distribution feel.

What were your greatest successes in 2012?

One of our greatest success in 2012 was on R&D side of the business, being able to complete development of our frame material and move forward for 2013 with a completely eco-friendly product offering. Sales-wise we were able to gain a foothold in several key territories with strategic partners that has set the stage and will enable us to grow organically over the next couple of seasons.

What are your sales projections for next season?

We will continue to focus on forming relationships with the right strategic partners and retailers who are committed to our brand. We signed up for the five to ten year paddle out and are just scratching the surface in terms of distribution. We have been getting interest from international markets, so this year we will also be focused on launching our international business as well.

What additions are you making to the line? what won’t we see as much of?

You will see some additions to the line to address the fishing & outdoor markets which we have been getting a lot of interest from; i.e. more sport specific wraps, etc. We are also getting traction in the fashion and eco-boutique world, so you will also see some more women’s specific pieces as well as more fashion forward men’s and unisex pieces.

Where are prices and margins heading for you?

We launched our first eco product last Spring at $110.00 MSRP. This season we are stoked to be able to offer the same technology for $95.

What is the breakdown looking like for men’s and women’s SKU’s?

We are pretty evenly split across the board: 1/3 men’s, 1/3 women’s, 1/3 uni

Are the number of SKU’s in your line expanding, contracting, or staying the same? Why?

The number of SKU’s will be expanding a bit. Our line has been fairly tight and streamlined, so we will be adding some new styles and colors in the mix to address the needs we are seeing in the marketplace.

Where do you see the overall state of the sunglass market?

We see the overall state of the sunglass market as healthy with a lot of opportunity. In the action sports segment of sunglasses, it’s been same top 5 players for over a decade now. Retailers and consumers are ready for some fresh brands that are relevant that they can relate to.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by sunglass brands today? Biggest opportunities?

With so many players in the category, the biggest challenge faced by brands is standing out and giving the retailers and consumers a reason to buy. There has to be a reason for being, no room for another “me-too” brand. The biggest opportunity, we feel, is that the category has been a little stale for the past few years in terms of new technology and new bands. The marketplace is ready for some new players to step up.