Dyrdek Talks Skateparks At ASR DC holds a press conference aiming to take skateparks to a new level.

In a press conference on Friday, September 5, the first day of the San Diego ASR trade show, Seek pro Rob Dyrdek and his shoe sponsor, DC Shoes, unveiled their plans for building “skate plazas” nationwide-beginning with the first plaza in Kettering, Ohio.

The press conference was the buzz of the trade show and drew more skaters, company owners, media, and other industry figures than the small room could hold. Dyrdek took the stage and announced that, beginning this September, construction crews will break ground for the first-ever Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza in Kettering, Ohio. This location is crucial for Dyrdek because it’s near where he grew up skating and also close to DNA Distribution’s Dayton, Ohio warehouse.

“Ultimately I want to give communities the opportunity to build something other than the standard skatepark. Professional skateboarders don’t film or take photos in skateparks,” Dyrdek claimed, exclaiming on that he and his fellow pros have a hard time making the most of their careers and abilities due to legislation against skateboarding and the creation of unskateable parks.

Dyrdek continued to reinforce the obvious need for skate plazas to be built, because these plazas are what skateboarders want and need-rather than skateparks that have been poorly built. When builders ignore the desires of the skaterboarders themselves, the parks don’t get skated and ultimately end up being a waste of time, space, and funding.

During the press conference, IASC’s (International Association of Skateboard Companies) Executive Director Jim Fitzpatrick applauded Dyrdek and DC for their groundbreaking concept and the efforts they’re putting forth to make it a reality: “Skateboarding has been waiting a long time for this, and I commend you.” With the endless amount of possibilities and potential for the skateboarders and the skateboard industry to flourish as a result of the Rob Dyrdek/DC Skate Plaza concept, it’s safe to say Fitzpatrick represented the sentiment of most everyone in attendance who anticipate DC’s plans for a second plaza to be built in San Diego, which will be funded by profits from a soon-to-be-released DC Skate Plaza shoe.