Elan Launches New Web Site

Elan has launched the new corporate website in the beginning of September and there you can see also very interesting approach regarding the Elan snowboards. You can find the link to the snowboard site on the corporate welcome page on www.elansports.com. You will be guided to the snowboard welcome page where you can see classical choices of options, but presented in a new and interesting way.

Everything is made according to the new Elan snowboards philosophy: SUPERIOR SLIDING DEVICES FOR THE ELEVATED MINORITY. The site will be based on stories and interactive approach with the visitor, useful information for the Elan customers will be exposed. we will try to provide all product related information, nearby the actual resort reports and trick recommendation from our riders and international team manager.

Everything is combined with interesting and fresh design approach, so we think our page is at least worth seeing if nothing else. We would like to tease you also with some images of certain site elements and you can check them on the pictures: first page with options, Elan heroes presentation, Marco Siffredi site, guide to find the closest retail.