Elan Opens Its Factory Doors

Click here for a Quicktime video clip of the Elan Snowboard Factory.

In February SNOWboarding Business was invited to take a tour of Elan’s Snowboard Factory in Furnitz, Austria along with visiting the company’s headquarters in Begunje, Slovenia. The trip was tacked onto the end of a long trade show schedule that cumulated at ISPO in Munich, Germany. In spite of the increasing number of days spent on the road, who could resist a few more that would include a jaunt to Slovenia and a day of snowboarding in a country many never get to? With an extended airline ticket the deal was set, and what ensued was enough to keep any sleep-starved American awake.

After a four-hour drive from Munich to the Slovenian headquarters of Elan the tour began. The main offices of Elan are located just 50 kilometers north of Ljubljana and house the majority of the ski production, an Elan retail store, and the offices for its staff. The snowboard production, however, takes place in a factory just across the Austrian boarder. While the snowboard factory wasn’t in full production at the time, one worker stayed overtime to build an Elan Vertigo model snowboard just for the tour (Check out the QuickTime video clip for the footage).

Over just a few days, Snowboard Product Manager Primoz Plestenjak and Snowboard Marketing Manager Miguel Teixeira gave the full tour of both facilities, a small part of Slovenia, and took a foreigner snowboarding at one of the local mountains, Vogel Ski Area. If only the snowstorm that blew through the following night would have been so cooperative.

Look for more details on the Elan Snowboard Factory in SNOWboarding Business’ first issue of the summer due out in July.

Click here for a Quicktime video clip of the Elan Snowboard Factory.