Evolution of the Alien Workshop

October 1990: Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Jimmy George found company with initial investment of 26,000 dollars. Buy first pieces of equipment: a stat camera for producing graphics and a video camera to immediately begin working on first video project. Company operates out of 5,000square feet in back of CS Skates Distribution in Dayton, Ohio, which is the brand’s exclusive distributor. Original team includes pros Neil Blender and Steve Claar, who are soon joined by ams Rob Dyrdek, Scott Conklin, Duane Pitre, Bo Turner, and Thomas Morgan.

Christmas 1991: Begin working with P.S. Stix woodshop in Costa Mesa, California.

September 7, 1991: Memory Screenpremieres in Dayton, Ohio.

Spring 1992: Carter and Hill buy out George and take on friend Mark Erickson as minority partner. Company moves into 3,000-square-foot space in new building, eventually growing to occupy 8,000 square feet. Begin offering products through independent distributors.

Fall 1992: First trade show (ASR). Black-and-white catalog has color-Xerox insert, which includes the Believe-graphic T-shirt.

Fall 1993:Believe graphic released on a deck and other printed and embroidered products.

Summer 1993: Acquire first computer system, Apple Macintosh Quadra 800,for 11,000dollars. Joe Bowers hired to generate domestic wholesale business.

Spring 1994: Members of Alien Workshop team–Rob Dyrdek, Duane Pitre, and John Drake–move to California to give company more presence there.

Fall 1994:Believe- and Spectrum-graphic products sell like crazy at ASR trade show.

1995:Mainstream America becomes infatuated with alien imagery, and Alien Workshop has both record sales and record copyright infringements.

1996:Demand for Alien Workshop products far surpasses production capacity. Carter and Hill resist financing growth through outside sources. Several storage spaces are rented and two shipping containers moved onto property to warehouse overflow inventory.

Spring 1997:Move into 20,000square-foot warehouse, and release Timecode, Alien Workshop’s second video.

Fall 1997:EXP series decks released with new fluorescent graphics and custom LOK-concave construction.

Fall 1998: DNA Distribution established to carry accessories, safety gear, and new bearing brand, Reflex. Jason Dill, Danny Way, and Anthony Van Englen added to Alien Workshop team, which also includes Rob Dyrdek, Fred Gall, and Josh Kalis.

1999:Still as independent and revolutionary as it was nine years ago, Alien Workshop continues to set trends and attract a lot of interest. Living on private ranches in rural Ohio, Carter and Hill are well supplied and Y2K-ready.