Exposure -O- Meter 2001: The Race Reaches The Halfway Mark

For the past two years TransWorld SURF Business has been proud to bring you the World Famous Exposure-O-Meter (WFEOM). We’ve told you who’s really getting the shots in the surf mags and who the brands are hyping.With the June 2001 issues of TransWorld SURF, Surfer, and Surfing tallied, the 2001 race has reached the important halfway mark. So who’s tops now?

Â? Kelly Slater remains the editorial favorite — with a 1,725 point (fifteen percent) lead over Sunny Garcia.

Â? Tim Curran still has a hammerlock on the advertising tally, surpassing even the Brothers Irons — who remain the most potent combo on an Exposure-O-Meter list full of siblings.

Â? Bruce Irons seems the early favorite for the year-end Media Whore award (which tallies both advertising and editorial photos) — although Kelly Slater can never be ruled out.

The WFEOM assigns a point value to each and every photo — both advertising and editorial — in each and every issue of TransWorld SURF, Surfing, and Surfer.

Since logo placement is so important, the 2001 WFEOM is now also recording every reasonably identifiable logo that appears in a photo associated with a team rider.

For example, not only does Matt Rockhold get 2,000 points for being on the cover of the February issue of TransWorld SURF, the photo also clearly identifies his sponsors — Planet Earth, DVS, O’Neill wetsuits, Xanadu, Black Flys, and Free Style — so each of those brands receive credit for logo placement.

Here’s how the race is stacking up at the halfway mark:

WFEOM Photo Editor Payola Award
Kelly Slater maintains his editorial lead.

WFEOM Sponsor Love Award
Tim Curran is a one-man army for Op in advertising land.

WFEOM Media Whore Grand Prize
With six months to go, the race is too close to call between frontrunners Kelly Slater and Bruce Irons.

Logo Wars
Which logos are getting spotted?

Who Rides For Whom?
Our comprehensive work-in-progress guide to who’s riding the sponsorship gravy train.