Ezekiel Premieres The Calling

There are a couple things that were reaffirmed during last night’s(November 22) movie premiere at La Paloma: 1) that you can get barreledin Indo; and 2) they’ve got really strange nipples in France.[IMAGE 1]

Tuesday night, November 21, Ezekiel unveiled The Calling, its first surf-team videostarring Conan Hayes, Jeremy Heit, Greg Browning, Pascal Stansfield, andJeremy Sommerville.

You’ve got to give props to Ezekiel and filmmaker George Mays for goingout on a limb and reaching for something different. Unlike the usualbarrage of punk-rock and quick tidbits of surfing found in too many surfvideos, The Calling took a step back, and, with the help of surfphilosopher extraordinaire Brokin Glass, examined the lifestyle of itsteamriders — all queued to funky music. So what’d we learn?

*That Jeremy Heit doesn’t care about his crappy car*That Conan Hayes is a “big-wave” surfer (even if we didn’t see any bigwaves except for one)*Pascal is a goof ball*Greg Browning is a family man who acts like a single man*And Sommerville avoids monotony by switching brands of beer — all inmoderation, of course.[IMAGE 2]

If you have an affinity for left-hand barrels then you definitely got tosee this movie. It’s almost sickening to watch at times — good surfersgetting really good barrels. So many left-hand barrels it wasnauseating.

But I guess that’s what the guys wanted anyway: “I’m hoping forbarrels,” Stansfield said prior to the Mentawai trip. “No turns, justbarrels. I can do turns here in Malibu.”

Fortunately Mays broke it up with interspersed footy of California(mostly LA and Malibu), as well as a chapter in the movie dedicated tothe crew’s jaunt to Biarritz (enter the strange nipples). If you ever goto France, keep your eyes peeled for black square nipples — the guysget them there, too. If this doesn’t make any sense, watch The Calling.Mays sheds some humorous light on the phenomenon.

I’m not into rating movies, but you should see this movie, especially ifyou’re planning a trip to Indo. It’ll give you confidence that you canget barreled there too. Plus the cinematography — albeit shaky at times– is really cool. It’s always cool to watch surfing on film.[IMAGE 3]