Flame Leaves Surfing Magazine

The defections of surf journalists to Internet startups continue, and not even 29-year veterans of surf-magazine publishing seem to be immune.

Sources at Surfing Magazine confirm that Larry Moore (better known as Flame) submitted his resignation yesterday (January 24, 2000) and plans to join the growing staff at Swell.com.

Moore, who is well respected in the industry for his more than twenty-year tenure at Surfing Magazine’s photo department, is also close friends with Sean Collins, founder and president of Surfline.com, which is in negotiations with Swell.com to be purchased.

Swell.com has also hired much of the editorial staff of Surfer and Snowboarder magazines, but has kept remarkably quiet about these moves and its plans.

But with so much buzz about this new venture, it will be interesting to see what else this company has up its sleeve and when it will (finally) let the world know about it.

TransWorld SURF Business will continue to follow the story.