Frontside Air Reverse With Asher Nolan

How To Do Frontside Air Reverses
( Do this trick and try not to have a butt-stance like me.)

Steps One and Two:
Produce some speed on a fast little wave, and hit the whitewater section. Try to air out a bit and throw your tail out. Grab you rail for balance, keep your self over your board.

Step Three:
Keep low to your board. Turn yourself and your board in the air toward the beach.

Step Four, Five and Six:
Push your back foot on your tail ’til your fins and tail are facing backword (fakie). So you won’t fall.

Step Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten:
Proceed to turn your body and board around, so you’re positioned back to the face of the wave. Your board will turn around really fast, so try to turn around at the same time the nose of your board is turning to the normal position. Enjoy what you’ve just pulled, and look for the next section.