Frontside Noseblunt Slides With Ed Templeton

1. You have to push a noseblunt slide, so get some speed. This trick seems easier if you ride parallel to the curb, then at the last minute turn in a bit.
2. Ollie up and imagine you’re going to noseslide on the vertical side of the curb.

3. It’s important to get your nose locked in on the curb, this way you won’t slide out.

4. You’re going to put a lot of pressure on your front foot while using your back foot to keep the board tilted.

5. Now stay on top and above your board.

6. The dismount is tricky sometimes. Push down your nose while jumping, swinging your back foot to straighten out.

7. Turn your body back to your normal stance.

8. If you stay above your board, the landing is easy to roll away from.