Genetic Signs Channita

Carlsbad, CA, — Considered one of the most technical skaters in the world, 6th WCS Street world ranked, 23-year-old Pat Channita has entered into a long-term licensing agreement with genetic shoes. A 14-year skater, Channita was looking for a performance skate shoe partner that could meet his technical demands.

The multi-year sponsorship agreement joins Channita with genetic’s Bucky Lasek on the elite genetic skate team. In addition to genetic, Channita’s sponsor roster includes BRIGADE, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Hurley apparel and Dragon sunglasses.

As a genetic pro team member, Channita will work closely with genetic category manager Rob Dotson, former pro skater and current World Cup of Skateboarding judge, to build an elite team and superior skate product.

“The genetic team will be made up of the most talented skaters in the industry,” Dotson said. “It’s for sick skaters like Pat who have a history of performance and doing innovative tricks. genetic athletes have high standards for their skate product, and the internal genetic team has the core knowledge to exceed these expectations.”

In his fourteen years of skating, Channita’s brightest years have been the last two. As well as emerging 6th worldwide for WCS street rankings, he took 7th place in the 2000 Triple Crown Finals earlier this month. He captured 2nd place at the Summer X Games with a score of 88.25, and he took the Street – Most Points award and emerged as the 1999 WCS Street Champion. He also took the Best Trick Street award at the Triple Crown. In ’99, Channita took second place in the street competition at the 99 X-Trials and first place in the Triple Crown in Milwaukee.

A native of Seattle, Channita now resides in Garden Grove, CA. When at home, he takes biz classes at Cal State University – Fullerton, skates around Orange County and at his favorite street course at Huntington Skate Park. Currently, Channita is constructing a 40- foot wide mini ramp and street course in his own backyard. genetic is assembling a team of world-class skaters who represent the future of skate. By skaters for skaters, the performance-driven genetic line was launched at ASR in September 2000, with an unprecedented response rate, and will hit retail stores in February of 2001.