Ghetto Star Skateboards On Pushing Into The Future

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GhettObamaStar: $39.99 & Represent: $39.99
GhettObamaStar: $39.99 & Represent: $39.99

Casey Inman & Mike Duncan/Owners:

What are the biggest trends shaping skate hardgoods this year as far as materials, graphics, distribution, production, and other business model type stuff?

Materials= 100% Hard Rock Maple

Graphics= If you like the vibe from the company and skateboarder it makes you (accept) the graphics as legit.

Distribution= Slang decks, scheme cash, re-up, (and) do it all over again.

Production= Mold it, cut it, design it (and) sell it.

Business model= Run with your gut instinct on board graphics. Most of the time you'll beat the next company to the punch on pushing a similar graphic out.

What deck sizes, prices, and models have been doing the best this year?

Seven point seven five & eight for a good price with grip included!

How are sales of new technologies doing for you? What's been working the best and why?

One hundred percent hard rock maple decks, keep it simple.

How have sales been compared to last year? What do you attribute this to?

Better than last year. Better distribution.

Are prices staying steady this year?

Yes, and we will insure that our hardgoods stay top quality and low priced for the truehearted skate shops.

Co-Owner Casey Inman

Co-Owner Casey Inman

What advice do you have for core retailers trying to increase their hardgood sales?

Buy Ghetto Star skateboards. It'll increase your profits on individual sales of hardgoods.

Where are you producing your hardgoods these days?

San Diego, California.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you see on the horizon?

Challenges= Kids thinking huge brand names equals better actual hardgoods

Opportunities= Come with being passionate about your brand, which we are.

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