Globe Expands Trans Element Footwear Division

Torrance, CA – January 31, 2001 – Globe Shoes today announced the expansion of its Trans Element footwear division and the launch of Globe Skateboarding, an apparel and accessories line.

Trans Element had its initial release in Spring 2000 and launched with a technical array of open footwear. The division’s growth, alongside its commitment to further provide action-sports participants with alternative after-sports footwear, have led to Trans Element’s progression into closed footwear.

Trans Element’s closed footwear models incorporate direction from Globe athletes, with styling influences from the street to the outdoors. The shoes are built on the practicality and aesthetic values of the already proven Trans Element open footwear. Styles include the Kolar, Forecast, and Bounty, and they contain technical features such as waterproof suede, moisture-wicking lining, heavy bar tack reinforced construction, and outsole designs for various terrains. The suggested retail price for the Trans Element line runs from $19.95 to $79.95.

Globe Skateboarding, an apparel and accessories line designed for the active skateboarder, will add a complimentary attribute to Globe Shoes. All apparel items feature unique detailing such as the reflective logo velcro wrists on the G:Shell, custom urethane hood pully on the Hard Flip Jacket, and silhouette embroidery on the Kovert Kargo pants. Globe Skateboarding accessories include items such as the Skate Pack, Cabin Bag, and Expedition Duffle.

“As Globe Shoes continues to grow, it is imperative that we constantly strengthen our brands,” says Globe VP of Marketing Kevin Flanagan. “Both Trans Element and Globe Skateboarding lines give our core audience innovative products that support their lifestyles.”

Trans Element and Globe Skateboarding will debut at the ASR tradeshow in Long Beach, booth #1029.